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Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching for Management and Business

Support for MB 107, 214, 224, 234, 235, & MB 338 

Room: Palamountain 251 (Fishbowl) Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Room: Palamountain 202 - Mon

Peer Academic Coaches are available to help you develop your content knowledge and study skills.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply stop by!

Sun 7-9PM Mon 7-9PM Tues 7-9PM Wed 7-9PM Thurs 9-11AM

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meet the pac team for management and business

Austin Rook '22 - MB PAC Captain

Austin Rook

Double Majors: Management & Business and Economics

About me: My typical day usually consists of me running from one activity to another because I cannot sit still very well. When I do have some free time you could find me binge-watching “The Office” or spending time at the local coffee shop!

Why PAC: For the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of coaching youth hockey players on the ice and in the gym. Through these experiences, I found that I have a passion for coaching. I wanted to join PAC because it gives me the chance to continue growing my coaching skills and having a positive effect on the surrounding community.

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore has been “Organizational Behavior.” Before coming to Skidmore, I had a lot of interest in leadership and management. This class gave me great insight into the characteristics important to becoming an effective leader. I am confident this class gave me a great foundation to build upon in my professional career. 

Academic advice: Don’t just go through the motions. Every class come prepared to ask questions on concepts you may not understand. Go the extra mile by meeting with your Professors outside of class or spending time in the Writing Center. Take ownership of your academic career.

Tate Brandon '24

Danielle Kilburn '22

Major: Management and Business 

Minor: Sociology and Arts Administration Danielle

About Me:  Here at Skidmore I am a member of the Women’s Lacrosse team, as well as co-president of our chapter of Protect our Breasts!  I am from Toronto, Canada and love living a fast-paced life.  When I am not in the classroom or on the field, you are likely to find me experimenting with new recipes, binging Brooklyn 99 over and over again, petting a dog, or working out!   

Why PAC: As someone who has used PAC for many different classes in an array of different departments, I know first-hand how helpful and important PAC can be to assist with academic success.  I joined PAC because I want to be part of an amazing resource on campus and help other students achieve academic success! 

Favorite Class and Why: The Introduction to Management and Business class has been my favorite class so far.  MB107 was an amazing introduction to the Business Major and gave me first-hand experience working with unfamiliar people while facing a tough case study. It pushed me outside my comfort zone and was a very valuable experience! 

Academic Advice: Anyone can be academically successful if they apply themselves and utilize their resources. Skidmore is an amazing college that offers many different academic resources to help students succeed and excel.  So, go to PAC, email your professors, attend office hours, and utilize the awesome academic resources. Whether you are feeling unconfident in a class or extremely confident, there is always more to learn! 

Madeleine Michaels '22

Business PAC  

Majors: Management & Business and Economics   Maddie

About me: I am from New Jersey and a member of the Skidmore Field Hockey team. I love the beach, coffee, and playing with my yellow lab, Milo. I also love music and listen to just about any genre from classical to country to Broadway.  

Why PAC: I have played sports for as long and I can remember and have been a part of many teams. As I grew up, I started to coach and teach the sports I love to other people, and it was really fulfilling to see each of them understand a new or difficult technique. Similar to this experience, in PAC, I am able to coach and teach something I love to others and gain that same satisfaction when the student understands a concept.  

Favorite class and why: My favorite business class was Marketing. I really enjoyed learning about the psychological aspect of marketing and understanding your customers. I also enjoyed coming up with a product to market at the end of the semester.  

Academic advice: I think it is important to schedule your time. When exams and homework pile up it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but creating a schedule of when you will work on each assignment can be very helpful. To do lists can also be helpful. 


Mamadou Saliou Sarr '22Mamadou Saliou Sarr

Major: Business

About me: I am from Senegal and spent my last two years of high school at a sports boarding in Florida. I spend a lot of my free time learning more about the political and economic world, as well as informing myself on the problems that face my continent so that I may begin to start thinking about solutions for the future. I also am fluent in three languages. (English, French, Wolof)

Why PAC: I joined PAC because I have a deep passion for Business, especially accounting. I have always found it more helpful to learn and better understand when information is reworded by peers, thus I felt that I should aid other in a way that has aided me in the past.

Favorite class and why: Introduction to Management Business (MB107) because it allowed me to seamlessly use multiple business skills for the first time as well as channel my creativity into a serious final product that I was proud of.

Academic advice: When things get tough take a deep breath and put it in perspective—think about your ancestors who couldn’t fathom the feats you have accomplished, the countless number of people that you can help in future, or just how proud you have already made your family and that the only way is up.

Gabriella Suman '22

Double Majors: Management & Business and Psychology Gaby

 About me: Hi! I'm Gaby, hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. As a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, you can find me cooking a huge batch of fried rice (topped with a fried egg and chili crisp — always), or at a local coffee shop searching for the best iced Chai in town during my spare time. Besides eating 24/7, I am involved in Skidmore's Women in Business and Investment Club, as well as assisting in research in the LETR Laboratory. Other things I am fond of include film photography, traveling, meaningful conversations, Spotify playlist-making, and updating my Google Calendar.

 Why PAC: I have always enjoyed giving back to the community, and PAC is a resource that allows me to do so in an academic setting. PAC enables a channel for students to reach their fullest potential in their courses through mentorship and the sharing of knowledge.

 Favorite class and why: "Organizational Behavior" has been my favorite class at Skidmore. The course allowed me to develop as an individual in understanding how my values, behaviors, attitudes, and ethical views accomplish goals and achieve optimal performance with those in the workplace. The collective similarities and differences of individuals within an organization create an atmosphere that strongly influences an organization's outcome.

 Academic advice: Prioritize your day accordingly! There will always be sacrifices and trade-offs you need to make when deciding how to spend your 24 hours. Stay organized (I'm a big fan of Bullet Journaling and Google Calendar) and manage your time realistically.