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Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching for Biology

Support for BI 107 and 108

Peer Academic Coaches are available to help you develop your content knowledge and study skills in biology.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply click on the link below to join our session during the scheduled times.  We look forward to seeing you!  


Sun 7-9PM Mon 9-11AM Tues 7-9PM Wed 7-9PM Thurs 7-9PM
 Carly Katie Katie Mary Kate Ariella
Mary Kate Ben Carly Ben Alexa
  Grace  Ariella Alexa Grace


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meet the pac team for biology

Katie MayhewKatie Mayhew '21 - BI PAC Captain

Major: Biology

Minor: Environmental Science

About me: Science has always been my favorite subject since middle school. I also really love being outside, camping, painting, knitting, listening to music, and travelling as well.
Why PAC: I wanted to join PAC because I love biology and the natural world and I want to help other students learn and hopefully gain a stronger appreciation for the subject. Also, helping others learn is a great way to learn more yourself.

Favorite class and why: My favorite class so far at Skidmore was Bio 107 since it provided a very detailed overview of molecular and cellular functions and it sparked my interest in the subject further.

Academic advice: My advice for other students is to utilize all resources that are available to you in order to meet your individual learning needs! Over time your study skills will develop to meet your personal academic needs in order to succeed, so it is important to explore all options such as utilizing PAC members, professors, other students, study groups, or online resources or videos. Also, do not be scared to ask for help; professors want you to succeed!

Grace Freeman-Gallant '21Grace Freeman-Gallant

 Major: Biology

About meI love hiking and am currently working on hiking the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks.

Why PAC: I loved both intro bio classes. By joining PAC I’m hoping to help other students learn and appreciate the subject as well.

Favorite class and whyMy favorite class so far at Skidmore was Organismal Biology with Corey Freeman-Gallant (definitely not biased). He is always incredibly enthusiastic, and his love of bio is contagious.

Academic adviceMy advice to other students is to utilize study tools! Take advantage of office hours, study groups, and study materials provided by the professors. The amount of material can feel daunting at first but working with others can make it less so.

Ben GrossmanBen Grossman '21

Major: Biology

About me: I am a cellist and I love music! I love rock climbing and skiing.

Why PAC: I wanted to join PAC to give the students the patience and motivation to succeed in intro bio courses.

Favorite class and why:  My favorite class at Skidmore was either Bio 107 or my cello lessons.

Academic advice: My advice for other students is to breathe and approach studying with a calm, collected mentality because sometimes the hardest and most beneficial thing to do when stressed is to be in the moment and not in the future.

Ariella Kornfeld '23

Major: BiologyAriella

About Me: I enjoy spending time with friends, reading, and getting outside! You can often find me running in Northwoods, rock climbing, or practicing yoga. I also love hiking and I am currently working towards completing the 46 Adirondack High Peaks.

Why PAC:I understand the stress and frustration that comes with confusing or overwhelming assignments, and I want to help other students by sharing my own strategies for handling those obstacles. I am also passionate about biology and I would love the opportunity to share that passion by helping others succeed. Finally, I believe that the best way to truly learn and understand a topic is to teach it to someone else.

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore has been Bio 107 because I appreciated the detail used to explore each topic and the focus on understanding the “how’s and why’s” of molecular and cellular biology. I also appreciated how this course utilized an interdisciplinary curriculum by integrated principles of chemistry and physics.

Academic Advice: Start early and plan ahead! Completing assignments when you are stressed by a deadline leads to frustration and mistakes, and the assignment becomes less about learning the content and more about checking off requirements. Additionally, when you are feeling confused or overwhelmed by an assignment it helps to break things down. Rather than letting stress and frustration distract you, focus on breaking apart the content to identify exactly what you find confusing. Typically, you will realize that you understand a lot more than you initially thought and the project will begin to feel manageable.

Carly Munzer '21carly munzer

Major: Biology

About me: I am my happiest self when hanging out with my friends. I love people, traveling and exploring with people, eating with people, and enjoying life with people. I also love to ski, cook, hike, and I adore music.

Why PAC: I learn through others, and love to discuss various biological topics to further anyone’s learning. Being a part of PAC not only allows people to learn in a comfortable environment, but allows me to learn more about people and their learning styles. I also love biology and want to help people understand the importance of living systems. Bio is so cool! PAC will give me an outlet to exercise my academic passions while having the opportunity to help others tackle their difficult biology courses.

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore so far has been ‘Parasites, Epidemiology, and Public Health.’ Not only was this class filled with novel literature that kept you up to date on what is happening around the world health-wise, but the course was conversational and allowed students to bounce theories off of each other. I loved learning about the patterns that dictate the spread of disease, as well as how disease has evolved over history. I like to learn about what affects the quality of human lives.

Academic advice: Always get ahead. With a rigorous college schedule, it is easy to get lost or overwhelmed. Just remember, there is always something to be done, so do it, and then you save yourself so much stress at a later date. Stay on top of your courses, because it will make your learning process so much more enjoyable. Additionally, one of the best benefits of Skidmore is that it’s small and friendly, so go talk to your professors if you need help! Never be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and all of the professors in the Bio dept are awesome.

Mary Kate Palleschi '22Mary Kate Palleschi

Major: Biochemistry

About meI came to Skidmore as a 518 native because it provided the holistic college experience I was looking for. I am able to get an amazing educational experience as well as play basketball. Outside of school and athletics I enjoy reading, being around my friends, and traveling whenever possible.

Why PACI love working with my peers and others interested in the same topics as I am. I find that the best way to learn is through direct discussion with others, whether that be a professor, tutor, or fellow student. By becoming a PAC I am able to combine my love of science and working with others to create the perfect job for me. 

Favorite class and whyAs an incoming sophomore I have not been able to experiment with different courses. For now, my top class has to be a tie between Organismal Biology with Professor Freeman-Gallant and Sociological Perspectives with Professor Scarce. Both of these professors created a learning atmosphere I really enjoyed and responded to.

 Academic adviceBe organized and do not be afraid to reach out for help! Skidmore has many resources available to help students reach their potential.

Alexa Sklar '22Alexa Sklar

Major: Biology

About me: I’ve always been interested in science and medicine, and I’m currently working on research in neuroscience and the circadian rhythm.  I also love art, music and being outside.

Why PAC: PAC has always been such a helpful resource for me.  I learned so much from my PACs and I love the collaborative environment of PAC.  I feel like I could learn a lot from the people who attend PAC, and I’d love to pass on what I’ve learned.

Favorite class and why: My favorite class was my scribner seminar Bodies and Identities.  I learned so much about widely discussed issues regarding gender, race and sexuality.  It was really eye-opening to discuss these topics with my peers and hear about their experiences.

Academic advice: If there’s something you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to reach out to your professors and peers about it!  I’d also recommend trying to keep up with studying throughout the entire semester rather than cramming in the few days before the exam.