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Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching for Psychology

Support for most PS classes 

Room: Tisch 302

Peer Academic Coaches are available to help you develop your content knowledge and study skills.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply stop by!

Sun 7-9PM Mon 7-9PM Tues 7-9PM Wed 7-9PM Thurs 7-9PM
Liat Franny Marnie Liat Franny

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meet the pac team for psychology

Franny Hough '22 - Psychology PAC Captain

Major: Classics and Psychology  Franny

About me: I just moved to a small town in New Hampshire and am enjoying the rural lifestyle. I love all racket sports, my new puppy, Mona, and my favorite food, pasta. 

Why PAC: I wanted to join PAC because I crave any opportunity to talk about the different, amazing Psychology classes that I’ve taken. I hopefully want to transfer that eagerness and genuine interest in the subject to other students. 

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore has been Astronomy because it forced me to think in an entirely different way. I don’t think I ever left a class without my mind being blown.

Academic advice: Recognize what works for you and roll with it. Everyone is motivated by different things, and it’s your job to determine what motivates you most.

Liat Friedman '23

Marnie Lipton '22

Majors: Psychology and French  Marnie

About me: I love travelling, food, and music. My favorite food is sushi, but I also love pretty much everything, and I’m a huge veggie lover. I have two white goldens who are my best friends. I’m almost fluent in French and I love all things France.

Why PAC: I wanted to join PAC because I love discussing psychology with fellow students who are enthusiastic and want to succeed. It’s rewarding to transfer what I learned in my classes to others learning it for the first time.

Favorite class and why: My favorite class was my Translation and Stylistic class I took for my French major. It was creative and challenging at the same time! It was so fun to use my own opinions on textual meanings and put that into language.

Academic Advice: Don’t stress too much about the eventual outcome. Worrying about your grades as you work will only take your attention away from what you need to learn. Be present, try and learn the concepts, and don’t be scared to even see if you enjoy it along the way.


Destiny Syharaj '23