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Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching for Chemistry

Support for ch 115, 125, 126, 221, 222 

Peer Academic Coaches are available to help you develop your content knowledge and study skills.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply click on the link below to join our session during the scheduled times.  We look forward to seeing you! 




Sun 7-9PM Mon 7-9PM Tues 7-9PM Wed 7-9PM Thurs 7-9PM
Matt  Katie R Jon Juan Molly
Jon Georgia Georgia Katie R Jon (7-8)
Juan Heather Katie S Katie S Heather
Molly       Matt (8-9)


meet the pac team for chemistry

Molly ColeMolly Cole '21 - CH PAC Captin

Major: Biochemistry

About me: I'm a senior from Boston. I love spending my summers at the beach and hiking in Vermont. For fun, I like to ski, dance, and swim.

Why PAC: I joined PAC because I used to really struggle with chemistry and, after learning how to study for it, now I really enjoy it!

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore was Italian because it broadened my academic experience outside of STEM classes.

Academic advice: Some academic advice I have to offer is to try as hard as you can to not procrastinate and time manage your academics, athletics, and social life so that you can be successful in all aspects! Always have a positive outlook on your abilities to succeed!

Juan AlcantaraJuan Alcantara '21 - CH PAC Captain

Major: Undecided, pre-med track

About me: I’m considering doing religion as a major while pursuing science at the same time! Weird I know.

Why PAC: I find it really helpful when I ask other students questions that I might be struggling with so I hope that I can be that person for others.

Favorite class and why: Organic Chemistry, simply due to all of the crazy things you can do with it!

Academic advice: Please have fun! These might be the best days of your life so don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

Jon BileJon Matthew Bile '21

Major: Biochemistry

About me: I play soccer and love to dance.

Why PAC: I joined PAC because I love chemistry and I love to help others.

Favorite class and why: Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 were my favorite classes at Skidmore because they challenged to become a better student and a better person.

Academic advice: Prioritize your health and your goals and success will follow.

Georgia Dittemore '22Georgia Dittermore

Major: Biochemistry

About me: I am a sophomore from Massachusetts and for as long as I can remember have wanted to study and do research in biochemistry. I love animals, reading, and spending time with my friends and family.

Why PAC: I want to share my passion and help others recognize how much fun chemistry can be if you put in the work.

Favorite class and why: I am currently taking Medicinal Chemistry, which not only analyzes drugs from the perspective of organic synthesis, but also explores the biochemical, historical, and economic aspects of pharmaceuticals.

Academic advice: I always try to finish any assignments early so that I have time if I encounter any issues and am not stressed at the last minute. Also, if you stick with material that you find difficult but are passionate about, it will eventually click, so always stay determined!

Matthew Krystyniak '22Matthew

About me: I am a local kid from Clifton Park, NY. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music and spending time with friends and family. 

Why PAC: I previously had found PAC to be very helpful in my studies, particularly in chemistry. For me, working with other students in a class is sometimes more useful than any lecture. 

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore has been Introduction to Psychological Science because Professor Solomon taught it.

Academic advice: While doing well academically is important, make sure to keep up your mental and physical health. You can't function academically if those aren't in check.

Heather Ricker '22

Heather Chemistry 

Minor: Environmental Studies and Sciences 

About Me: I'm from southern New Hampshire, and love spending time outside hiking, biking, canoeing, or just lounging in a hammock. I also love listening to music, and am often found jamming out in my green punch buggy. In the future I hope to use chemistry to try to tackle environmental issues, either with the ocean or atmosphere. 

Why PAC: I have had only wonderful experiences getting help at PAC, and I wanted to pay it forward and help others achieve the satisfaction of understanding a topic better and building study habits. Plus, I want to share my love of chemistry! 

Favorite class and why: My favorite class was Hindu Mythology, because I got to broaden my world views and indulge my childhood interests by learning all about different Hindu deities and cultures. 

Academic advice: You've made it through 100% of your hardest days, so don't give up! Enjoy the ride, and know that if you follow your passion, you can't go wrong. 

Katie Rinaolo '22Katie Rinaolo

Major: Chemistry

About meI am from the area and love spending my time with my family which I am able to do more often than others! I love cooking and baking in my free time (almost all problems can be solved with good food). 

Why PACI wanted to become a PAC tutor so that I could help others with their understanding. For me, getting help from other students about a subject is sometimes more helpful than talking with professors. 

Favorite class and whyMy favorite class at Skidmore so far has been Organic Chemistry with Professor Giguere because of all the new things I learned and the journey of getting through such a tough class with friends!

Academic adviceMy advice would be to prioritize your academics and manage your time as best you can. Always de-stress when you need it!

Kaitlin Smith '22Kaitlin Smith

Major: Undecided on the Pre-Dental track

About me: I love to cook and bake. I grew up playing ice hockey and I enjoy all types of outdoor activities!

Why PAC: I found that utilizing PAC contributed to my academic success in science. I think that working through challenging course material with peers is great and can really improve understanding of a subject. I want to be able to help other students like myself who can benefit from PAC. 

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore so far has been Biology 107. I loved learning about the intricate aspects of biology on a cellular and molecular level. 

Academic advice: Try to stay as organized as you can! When you are organized it makes dealing with tough course material much easier. I have also found it useful to get my assignments done early so if I have any questions there is time for me to ask my professors.