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Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching for Sociology

support for most So classes

Peer Academic Coaches are available to help you develop your content knowledge and study skills.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply click on the link below to join our session during the scheduled times.  We look forward to seeing you! 


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meet the pac team for sociology


Malchijah Hoskins '22 - SO PAC Captain 

Major: Sociology malchijah

Minors: Intergroup Relations & Media and Film Studies  

About Me: I am a junior from Jersey City, New Jersey. On campus I am involved with student government and serve as V.P for Inclusion and Advocacy. I also am a co-host on the student social justice platform Pass the Mic and am on the Tang Student Advisory Council. I love baking, literature, and anything to do with pop culture.  

Why PAC?: Some of the most transformative experiences I have had in learning were all rooted in community and reciprocity and I believe PAC really embodies those qualitiesAlso, PAC has been extremely helpful for my experiences with Sociology 

Favorite Class and WhyIt would have to be Black Female Body. That class was one of the most life changing classes I have taken. I was challenged academically, socially, and mentally. Because of the challenges it was extremely rewarding and allowed me to be more conscious and more present in my everyday life.  

Academic Advice: I think it is always important to make what you're learning more real. Try to relate either your own lived experiences or current events to make sense of the things you are learning.  


Tucker Boyd '21Tucker Boyd

MajorsSociology and Social Work 

About me: I'm part of Skidmore's restorative justice club, a member of speakers bureau, and am training to become a peer health educator. I love books and spending time with family, friends, and my dog.

Why PAC: I'm so grateful for the guidance and community that PACs have offered me during my past two years at Skidmore, and I am so looking forward to the opportunity to give that same support to future Sociology students! 

Favorite class and why: Freedom Dreams, my first year seminar. The class introduced me to IGR, a department that has had a huge impact on my Skidmore experience and that I am so grateful to have found. 

Academic advice: Your education is yours! It's been empowering for me to realize that learning and personal growth support one another. If you can, study things that matter to you- it's made all the difference for me. 

Tova Petto '22

MajorSociology  Minor: EnglishTova

About me: I am a junior from New Jersey. Besides being a new PAC, I am a trained PHE and a member of Chillmore.  I love studying abroad and learning about different cultures and perspectives, and I'm so excited to work with you in PAC.

Why PAC: I love that PAC provides a structured way to get academic help from fellow students, and I find that talking through a confusing topic can make all the difference in understanding it.  Also, PAC has been so helpful to me in the past, and I want to return the favor to other students!

Favorite class and why: My favorite class so far has been African Drumming and Dance with the amazing Professor Opara.  I got to learn something totally new through talking and moving.  Plus, we ended the semester with a live performance, which was super fun and really brought me out of my comfort zone! 

Academic advice: Talk to people!  Don't be afraid to go to PAC, office hours, or even create your own study group.  Skidmore is a very welcoming and supportive community, and whatever you're struggling with, somebody else probably is too!  Doing something as simple as checking that you're on the right track can increase your confidence and make you a stronger student.


Ashley Ramsay '21

Major/Minor: Sociology major and Political Science minor  Ashley

About me:  On campus, I am a head tutor in the writing center, VP of Knit-Wits (Skidmore's Knitting Club), a member of the swim and dive team, and now a PAC!  In my free time, I like to read books (specifically anything by Ta-Nehisi Coates or dystopian novels), and watch movies!

Why PAC?: I enjoyed taking all the core sociology classes (i.e., stats, methods, and theory) and although they were challenging at times, there was never a dull moment.  I want to help students push through the different moments and realize how interesting and complex our discipline is!

Favorite class and why: Tocqueville's America because it was a perfect blend of the two disciplines I study.  The class gave me the opportunity to use both the skills and knowledge I acquired in my sociology classes, as well as the theories I learned in my political science classes in every discussion.  Plus, it was the only class I've ever taken that only focused on one book, which was very cool!

Academic Advice:  Go to your professors' office hours!  I am a big proponent of going to see my professors whenever I have a question or to seek advice on a specific assignment.  Every meeting turns into a discussion about life where I get to know my professors and they get to know me.  The professors at Skidmore are here and willing to help and are super friendly!!

Sarah Spruill '22

Major/Minor: Sociology/French  sara

About me: On-campus I am a research assistant in the soc department, a writing center tutor, and a PHE. Outside of that, I run a blog and I’m a freelance social media creator. I adore the oxford comma, bullet journaling, studio ghibli movies, baking, and houseplants; plus I’m currently way too invested in animal crossing. 

Why PAC: I joined PAC in part because I love sociology both as a subject and department. Soc PAC is an amazing space for support and guidance and I am so excited to be a resource for my peers!

Favorite class and why: Race and Power with Professor Ford solidified my passion for sociology and had a profound effect not only on my education but on myself.

Academic advice: Find an organization system that works for you! For me, it’s bullet journaling and for others, it’s just a simple calendar or notes on your phone. Beyond that, be gentle with and take care of yourself! Your mental health and academics are EQUALLY important.