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Skidmore College
Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Open PAC

Support for general academic needs in Library 128A

  • Tranisitioning to online learning
  • English Language Learner support
  • Study guide help and study skills development
  • Time-managment
  • Directing students to other campus resources (Here is a link to some of them: Campus Resources
  • General academic support

Peer Academic Coaches are available to help.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply stop by!

Sun 7-9 PM Mon 7-9 PM Tues 7-9 PM Wed 7-9 PM Thurs 7-9PM

meet the open pac team

Annaliese Tampasis '22

Major: Social Work Annaliese

About me: I am a junior from Hudson, NY. I love to bake, dance and read books. I am also the biggest New England Patriots fan. When I am not in class, I volunteer at the community center in Saratoga Springs and I teach elementary dance classes to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Why PAC: During spring break I got the opportunity to travel to Guatemala and work with elementary students. During my time there I developed a love for teaching and a passion for helping others. As a new PAC, I want to be able to help in any way that I can and to provide a safe place for students to do their work and to have meaningful conversations. 

Favorite class and why: My favorite class was Anatomy and Kinesiology for Dancers taught by Professor DiPasquale in the Dance Department. Even if you do not consider yourself a dancer, I still highly recommend this course. What I really enjoyed about this class were the weekly lab sessions. For one of the classes we got to swim and talk about the benefits of aquatic therapy! 

Academic Advice: Be confident, get out of your comfort zone and try new things! I also find making to-do lists to be very handy. 


Joey Demarest '24

Major: English and Political Science  Joey

About me: I am a Sophomore from Manhattan, New York City. I love watching and playing basketball and snowboarding.

Why PAC: In my Freshman year, I had the opportunity to work as a peer tutor and really enjoyed watching the progress of the student’s understanding of the topic. Being in Open PAC, I am able to have a greater responsibility with guiding students and helping them find the resources they need to achieve academic success in their courses. 

Favorite class and why: My favorite class so far was Fiction with Professor Parra because of the wide variety of texts we read as well as the new ways I learned to analyze and discuss them. This class affirmed for me that I want to major in English because of how it allowed me to feel passionate about the texts we discussed and be able to draw connections between works of different authors. 

Academic advice: There are many ways that students find success in their classes, but the most important is being prepared for whatever comes your way. One way to accomplish this is by having organized notes that can be reviewed easily.

Yasmin Reyes '24

Intended Major: Social Work   Intended Minor: Anthropology

About me: I am a sophomore from Stamford, Connecticut.  I enjoy binge-watching shows, crocheting, sketching, and writing.  

Why PAC? Last year PAC provided me with a welcoming environment; although it was online, I was still able to connect with others and receive valuable academic support.  I would like to be a part of the community that provided a welcoming and supportive environment for me.  I hope to connect with and help any students who would like to use PAC as a resource.

Favorite class and why? My favorite class was Intro to Cultural Anthropology because it changed the way I look at everyday life, and I find myself referring to Intro to Cultural Anthropology in every other class I have taken since.

Academic Advice: Set goals, have something to work toward so you can stay motivated throughout the semester, and reward yourself along the way.

Jess Roman '23

Major: Social Work  Jess

About Me: I am a Sophomore from Queens, New York City. I am a huge animal lover, currently having two cats, a dog, and three birds in my family.

Why PAC?: I have had good experiences coming to PAC as an incoming student to Skidmore, so I wanted to put my skills to use and join to help pay it forward to other students that would like my help.

Favorite Class and Why: Even though it does not fall under my major, definitely Peer Health Education because it has taught me useful, lifelong social skills that I can take with me anywhere, including PAC.

Academic Advice: Find what works for you as an individual. Don't feel pressured to study or organize a certain way just because other people are doing it, experiment with different methods until you find the perfect fit.