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Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching for Economics

Support for EC 103, 104, 235, 236

Peer Academic Coaches are available to help you develop your content knowledge and study skills.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply click on the link below to join our session during the scheduled times.  We look forward to seeing you! 


Sun 7-9pm Mon9-11am Tues 7-9pm Wed 7-9pm Thurs 7-9pm
Sam Magid Pascal Marcktell Lucy Battle Lucy Battle  Pascal Marcktell
Sam Gartenstein Sam Gartenstein Maddie Michaels Andrew Hamill  Andrew Hamill


meet the pac team for economics

Pascal MarcktellPascal Marcktell '22 - EC PAC Captain

Major: Economics

Minor: Statistics

About me: I am an economics major and a member of the Skidmore Baseball team. I am from Queens, New York, and love living and working in a fast-paced city setting.

Why PAC: I wanted to be a PAC because I was always interested in education. I like helping classmates and siblings study and learn about topics from class.

Favorite class and why: Microeconomic Theory was my favorite class because it challenged me. It provided me with a new, deeper way of thinking about the economy.

Academic advice: I would advise students to stay organized, take good notes while paying attention in class, and space out schoolwork so it doesn’t pile up.

Lucy Battle '21

Major: Political Science

Minor: Economics and History Lucy

About me: I am from Boston. I am on the women's rowing team here at Skidmore. I am working on a NY State Assembly campaign outside of classes. Outside of Skidmore you can find me on the water or with my dog Max. 

Why PAC?: I love helping people. I often find that teaching is the best way to learn, and as an upperclassman I can hopefully provide students all the help PAC has provided me. 

Favorite Class and Why: This almost feels like an unfair question, because I have been lucky enough to have taken a number of amazing classes here at Skidmore. If I had to choose just one, I would say Campaigns and Elections; it is a politics class that looks at how campaigns are run, and it introduced me to the interaction of statistics and data to politics. 

Academic Advice: Time Management!! I cannot stress this enough, once you realize that there are, in fact, enough hours in the week, you can start to utilize time more efficiently. Find productive time, create a routine for school work, and find a space that you use exclusively for work (pre-COVID I would hide away on the fourth floor of the library, where I told myself that no distractions are allowed to exist, but in these crazy times, you may find that the simple act of leaving your room to sit outside is enough inspiration to feel productive).

Sam Gartenstein '21

Major: EconomicsBio Pic

Minor: Physics

About me: I am a junior from New York City majoring in economics and minoring in physics. Outside of academics, I am either watching hockey (Go Rangers!) or YouTube, reading, or running.

Why PAC: Coming to Skidmore, I wanted to be a part of a program that would allow me to share my passion and knowledge for applied mathematics. I knew that Peer Academic Coaching would be the perfect program to do so!

Favorite class and why: My favorite class at Skidmore was Linear Algebra with Dr. Trousil. The reason why I loved that class is because there is a myriad of applications of matrices, such as economics, chemistry, physics, and probability!

Academic advice: Advice I have for students is to not complete homework assignments or projects last minute. The less time you have to master your material, the more stress you will endure.

Andrew Hamill '21


Major: EconomicsAndrew


Minor: Business


About me: I am a senior from Rockville, Maryland. Outside of class I enjoy playing ice hockey, hiking, and walking my dog Maya. 


Why PAC: I believe the best way to strengthen your knowledge of something is to teach it. Being a PAC tutor allows me to better my understanding of economics while helping others.


Favorite class and why: My favorite class has been Macroeconomic Theory because while the class challenged me I had a very supportive class of students to take it with.


Academic advice: Be passionate about what you do! If you find topics that you enjoy working on the work will practically do itself. 


Sam MagidSam Magid '21

Major: Economics

About me: I'm from Manhattan and have a small Brussels Griffon (dog) named Sono. I'm really interested in U.S. politics, cooking, playing guitar, and of course, economics.

Why PAC: I wanted to join PAC because I personally have benefited from tutoring experiences over my academic career and without them would have struggled a lot more. My goal as a PAC is to help any student who is struggling with their course work and give them a resource to turn to. Having just taken these classes myself, I know firsthand how difficult they are, but also some good strategies and methods for solving and conceptualizing problems.

Favorite class and why: My first economics course: Intro to Microeconomics because it taught me fundamental concepts through lots of real-world examples and discussion-based classes.

Academic advice: Hard work wins! While some classes can be very tough, the best way to succeed is to seek help and not make excuses. All students will struggle at some point in their academic career, but not all of them will seek help or take it upon themselves to improve.

Madeleine Michaels  '22

Majors: Economics and Business  Maddie

About me: I am from New Jersey and a member of the Skidmore Field Hockey team. I love the beach, coffee, and playing with my yellow lab, Milo. I also love music and listen to just about any genre from classical to country to Broadway.  

Why PAC: I have played sports for as long and I can remember and have been a part of many teams. As I grew up, I started to coach and teach the sports I love to other people, and it was really fulfilling to see each of them understand a new or difficult technique. Similar to this experience, in PAC, I am able to coach and teach something I love to others and gain that same satisfaction when the student understands a concept.  

Favorite class and why: I really enjoyed microeconomic theory. I found it interesting to take information learned in intro micro and understand where it comes from such as how a demand curve is formed and then forming it yourself.  

Academic advice: I think it is important to schedule your time. When exams and homework pile up it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but creating a schedule of when you will work on each assignment can be very helpful. To do lists can also be helpful.