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Skidmore College
Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching for Mathematics & Statistics

Support for MA 100, 108, 111, 113, 200, 211, 215; MS 104

Room: Bolton 100

Peer Academic Coaches are available to help you develop your content knowledge and study skills.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply stop by!

Sun (7-9PM) Mon (7-9PM) Tues (7-9PM) Wed (7-9PM) Thurs (7-9PM)
Chloe Chloe *Adam *Adam *Ethan
Rachel *Adam Elizabeth Elizabeth *Emmanuel
*Emmanuel Elizabeth *Emmanuel *Emmanuel *Sarah
  Rachel *Ethan Rachel  

* (S) indicates support for Statistics


Upcoming Academic Sessions

April 11th 
Finalizing class Schedule 
This session is aimed to be a follow up for people that attended our session about the math 
major/minor and the courses needed to take. With scheduling for spring semester taking place 
the week after the event, we will work to make sure that everyone has a finalized schedule 
after having the master schedule released. With finalizing schedules being able to take place, 
we will take the next steps to see what other classes needed to be completed. 

April 18th
Kahoot Review Session 
This session is targeted for calc 1 students but can be beneficial for all calc classes. We are 
planning on going over key concepts that will be important for the finals in calculus courses. We 
will go over basic derivative and integral rules and also some factoring. We will have a kahoot 
that goes over the basic formulas that all the students need to have memorized and then plan 
on going over practice problems for the rest of the session. 

Meet the Mathematics and Statistics PAC

Sarah Chambers '25 - PAC Captain

Major: Mathematics   Sara C

About Me: I am from Coudersport, Pennsylvania and play on the women's basketball team here at Skidmore. I love the outdoors, sports, and hanging out with my friends! I also love math and am super excited to join PAC!

Why PAC? PAC has been super helpful to me throughout my math courses and I love having the chance of being able to help others!

Favorite Class: My favorite class at Skidmore has been Introduction to Mathematical Proofs. I loved the concepts that we learned in the class and learning how to use LaTeX was a great experience. 

Academic Advice: My advice is to manage your time wisely and take advantage of free time that you have.  

Chloe Boatright '24Chloe

Majors: Mathematics and Computer Science  Minors: Physics and Periclean Honors Forum

About me: I am a senior at Skidmore College from Worcester, Massachusetts. In my spare time I like to play guitar and write music. After college I want to get my PhD in mathematics with the goal of becoming a professor of mathematics.

Why PAC: I wanted to help other students in mathematics and learn more about how to effectively teach others. I was told that I am good at explaining concepts, and I wanted to use this to benefit the community.

Favorite Class: My favorite class at Skidmore was MA319 Abstract Algebra I because it introduced me to group theory which I very much enjoy.

Academic Advice: Don't study all at once, spread it out to different times of day.  You may be in a different headspace at different times that may help you learn.  Start working on assignments as soon as you get them, so that you do not fall behind.

Emmanuel Famose '24

Elizabeth Gao '24

Majors: Mathematics Elizabeth

Minor: Computer science    

About me: I can spend a whole day in the basement playing drums and piano. I like snowboarding and horseback riding. Huge fan of Hannibal series and Breaking Bad.

Why PAC?: PAC helped me a lot during my first year, so I'd love to contribute to the community.

Favorite Class: Probability

Academic Advice: Ask questions and try not to procrastinate.

Ethan Heidepriem '25

Majors: Computer Science & Mathematics    Ethan

About Me: I am from Findlay, Ohio and play on the Men's Ice Hockey Team. I love working out and golf. I love to work with teams and complete a common goal.

Why PAC? I have been very fortunate to have mentors and teachers provide guidance for me at Skidmore. The opportunity to provide assistance to others excites me.

Favorite Class: CS- Data Structures. MA- Calc II. OTHER- Intro to Acting.

Academic Advice: Commit to the first step. You can't write a book without writing the first word. You can't get up the flight of stairs without going up the first step. It looks scary from the bottom but just manage the next step.

Adam Serota '25

Major: Mathematics Minor: Business    Adam

About me: I am a junior from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. I enjoy being outside and hiking and playing tennis. I really enjoy math and am very excited to be a PAC.

Why PAC? I wanted to be a PAC as it has always been very helpful to me and I wanted to help out others. I also just enjoy doing math.

Favorite Class: My favorite class was MA 215: Introduction to Proof. I just thought it was really interesting and really loved the abstract nature of the proof problems and that there were many different approaches to solving them.

Academic Advice: Take breaks and don't try to do too much. Trying to cram everything in and work all day I found has not been a very good or efficient use of my time. Taking breaks and understanding when I just can't focus on my work has really helped me do my work when I can put the most effort into it. Also, asking for help. Sometimes it is just hard to solve something yourself so go to PAC or office hours or ask a friend.

Rachel Xia 

Major: Mathematics and Psychology   Rachel

About me: I'm a sophomore from Tianjin, China. I like playing tennis and dancing. I'm taking riding class at Skidmore now and I love it!

Why PAC?: I want to help others to solve math problems because PAC has been really helpful to me throughout my math courses in the past.

Favorite class: My favorite math class in Skidmore so far is MA 215.

Academic advice: Be creative when you are thinking of all the possibilities to solve problems and don't give up before you even try!