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Skidmore College
Peer Academic Coaching Peer Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching for Geosciences and Environmental Studies & Sciences

Support for Most GE classes, ES 100, ES 105

Room:  Annex 223

Peer Academic Coaches are available to help you develop your content knowledge and study skills.  There is no need to sign up.  Simply stop by!


Sun 7-9PM Mon 7-9PM Tues 7-9PM Wed 7-9PM Thurs 7-9PM

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ES Team


meet the pac team for GEOSCIENCES

Justine Bolling '22 - GE and ES/ESS PAC Captain

Major: Environmental Science

Minor: EducationJustine

About me: I am a huge fan of every single animal on this planet, from my cat, Asia, to sea slugs. I am also absolutely in love with the ocean and want to study and protect it for my entire life. Unrelated to the Earth and her beautiful creatures, I enjoy making art, performing in any medium, reading books, being with friends, and sitting wherever it is the sunniest. 

Why PAC: I love teaching, and I really enjoyed the course content of GE 101. I want to help other people who are taking the class get to the point where they can enjoy it as much as I did, while also gaining important experience and skills in teaching.

Favorite class and why: I really loved Astronomy because it was something completely new that I had never learned about in-depth before. I felt like I was really absorbing all the new knowledge, and I loved applying it to real life every time I looked up at the night sky!

Academic advice: Don’t be too hard on yourself, doing your best is all you can do! Also, I am a lifelong believer in going to bed early when stressed and picking work back up in the morning. A good night’s sleep is just as important as studying!

Drew Bugna '21

Major: Geosciences  Drew

About me: I am a senior from Ellenville, NY and my 3 favorite things in life are coffee, cats, and sunshine. I also can’t resist a good book or a hike. 

Why PAC: I have spent a lot of time in PAC on the receiving end and I am eager and excited to help students like myself. I love the judgment-free environment where everyone is welcome! 

Favorite class and why: My favorite class I’ve taken would be Global Biogeochemical Cycles during my junior year. We built climate models and ran a lot of cool simulations. We even did a project on microplastic cycling! 

Academic advice: It’s never too late; To pick up that book, to take that class, to change that major. . . You have time. Take a deep breath, you got this. 

Justin Landau '22

Claire Loos '22

About me: I am a junior from Concord, MA. majoring in geoscience and minoring in environmental studies. I enjoy playing lacrosse, reading, listening to movie soundtracks, and camping/hiking. Claire

Why PAC: Working with and meeting new people that share a passion for the natural sciences makes me even more excited about pursuing a geoscience career. I look forward to being a PAC to learn from my geo peers and to help anyone thinking about majoring or minoring in geoscience! 

Favorite class and why: Glacial geology has been my favorite class because although there is still much to learn about glaciers, they hold the key to understanding previous climates. It fascinates me that scientists can model past climates from ancient bodies of ice!   

Academic advice: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If there’s a concept that is confusing you in class, there's probably other students feeling the same way; your question might be helping other students too.

Jess Plotnick '22