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Skidmore College
Art Department

Spring 2019 (4 credits) 

AR 264D 001 Japanese Culture & Art (Sang Wook Lee)  M W 9:30 – 12:30
Why do people wear Kimonos?  Why do they look like that?  The style of the Kimono was formed by the culture that created it, the culture of Japan. In this Spring 2019 on-campus course, students will have the unique opportunity to participate in a May travel seminar program in Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, Japan to learn about both traditional and contemporary Japanese textile art. The travel seminar in contemporary Japanese art class is augmented by a carefully planned schedule of on-campus projects that form the basis of the course. Students of this Program will gain experiential insights and knowledge of Japanese traditional and modern culture through many kinds of projects planned throughout the semester. Discussion sessions plus a detailed journal/sketch book and a research project on contemporary Japanese art are course requirements for Japanese Culture. The goal of this program is to provide a unique educational and living experience for a select number of students.  Prerequisites:  Permission of instructor only.  Studio Fee:  $75

AR 264F 001 Water Based Media (Janet Sorensen)  M W 8:45 – 11:45
An exploration of water-based drawing and painting media with a focus on acrylic paint.  Using direct observation, experimentation, and invention, this course builds understanding of formal principles, color interaction and the physical qualities of materials.  Assignments support development of a personal vision.  Prerequisites: AR 133. Studio Fee:  $25

AR 264J 001 Interactive Design
  (Sarah Sweeney)   M W 9:30 – 12:30
An introduction to designing interactive pages and environments for the web. Emphasis is placed on visual and information design through theories of color, principles of design and the study of typography.  A variety of tools and techniques will be explored including photo editing, writing code for the web and animation through basic scripting languages. Studio projects will explore issues of audience participation, experience design, motion and interface.  Prerequisite: AR 131 or AR 133 or AR 134 or AR 136. Studio Fee: $105

AR 351D 001 Senior Exhibition (Sang Wook Lee) M W 2:10 – 5:10
A course designed for students to gain practical experience in the development of an exhibition of their work and exposure to professional practices for artists. This includes the development of new and significant artwork for the exhibition, good documentation of the artwork, an artist’s show statement and refining presentation methods.
Prerequisites: AR 315.  Studio Fee:  $75

AR 351G 001 Independent Photo Projects (Robert ParkeHarrison) T R 1:50 – 4:50
A course intended for students who demonstrate a strong and independent photographic practice. The course offers the opportunity to create a personal, cohesive, semester long photo-based project guided by class discussions, critiques, readings and reflective journal exercises. Students are required to work with strong self-discipline and participate fully in all course activities and requirements. Grading is based on technical and creative exploration, sustained high level of project content, craft, and presentation.  Prerequisites:  AR 330 or AR 351G and one other additional Studio Art course or permission of instructor.  Studio Fee:  $80

AR-351H 001 Print & Narrative  (Kate Leavitt)  M W 9:05 – 12:05
Intensive practice in printmaking focusing on the narrative. Students are encouraged to master and adapt techniques in relation to their own imagery. Students explore both, historical and contemporary applications of the narrative in fine art printmaking and are encouraged to focus not only on the image itself, but also how it communicates in the context of its structure and presentation. Critiques will concentrate on individual growth of personal visual content and mastery of technique. Prerequisites: AR 228 or AR 341 or AR 264H or AR 350. Limited to Juniors and Seniors or permission of instructor.  Studio Fee:  $75

AR 351J 001 Advanced Digital Media (Sarah Sweeney) M W 1:50 – 4:50
A continued investigation and further development of the practice of making art using digital media. Students may choose to pursue advanced projects in either interactive design or motion graphics. Emphasis will be placed on developing an individual studio practice through studio work, critical and art historical readings and writing.  Prerequisites:  AR 136 or AR 264J or AR 351J or AR 355 or AR 356 or permission of instructor.  Studio Fee:  $105