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Skidmore College

Communication Design

Communication Design

In Communication Design, we use design as both a language and a process to convey meaning in applications as varied as typography, branding, illustration, product design, print media and interactive design.  Courses integrate digital software knowledge with essential hand skills to provide a full spectrum of creative resources.  Students cultivate close observation skills, analytical thinking, and creative manipulation skills while they practice visual and technological literacy.

Our Comunication Design Studio:

  • Has 18 Desktop iMac Work Stations
  • Creative Suite Software
  • Universal Type Server with over 3000 fonts
  • Flatbed and negative scanners
  • Large format color printers
  • Work spaces for both digital and hand methods


  • Digital Foundations (AR136)
  • Communication Design I (AR209)
  • Special Topics in Studio Art: Communication Design (AR 264B, 351B)
  • Communication Design II (AR 307)
  • Communication Design III (AR 337)

Student Work