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Skidmore College

Grading Criteria - Senior Thesis Exhibition

The following criteria shall be considered when grades (S/U) are assigned for your exhibition.

  1. Each senior major is responsible for selecting work as well as planning and installing an exhibition within the assigned space.
  2. Installation including all work and labels must be completed within the announced timeframe.
  3. Chosen work should demonstrate each senior major’s highest level of achievement in Studio Art at Skidmore.
  4. Work should be exhibited in a manner appropriate to medium, and the presentation should demonstrate the student’s understanding of basic standards for exhibition.
  5. The presentation of selected work will provide evidence of a student’s cohesive vision in one discipline or may demonstrate achievement in multiple areas/directions. Please keep in mind the cohesiveness of your entire exhibition.
  6. Artwork must demonstrate quality through:
    • Thoughtful presentation
    • Conceptual imagination
    • Aesthetic sensibility
    • Skill in visual organization
    • Skill in the use of one or more media
  7. All work should be commensurate with studio practice at the advanced (300-) level.