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Skidmore College

Jewelry and Metals


Jewelry and Metals provides a comprehensive platform for creative work in the areas of jewelry, functional hollowware, and small sculpture.  Students in this area engage a wide range of traditional and emerging processes (including soldering and fabrication, piercing, forming, forging, raising, casting, and precision machining) through a sequence of specialized courses designed to encourage individual growth, a strong design sensibility, effective problem-solving skills, and a strong craft ethic.

Our Jewelry and Metals area is comprised of:

  • Individual bench spaces
  • A casting area for Lost Wax and Precision Sand Casting
  • A soundproofed smithing room with an extensive selection of anvils, stakes, and hammers
  • A machine shop with manual and digital tooling, including lathes, cnc machines, and 3d printers
  • A forge room


  • Jewelry and Metals I (AR 219)
  • Jewelry and Metals II: Metalsmithing (AR 319)
  • Jewelry and Metals II: Casting (AR 320)
  • Special Topics in Studio Art: Jewelry and Metals (264E, 351E)

Student Work