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Skidmore College



Our printmaking area merges the traditional methods of lithography, intaglio, and relief printing with digital technology.  Students develop flexibility and critical problem solving skills while engaging in process-oriented work, exploring such diverse techniques as linocut, woodcut, letterpress, book arts, stone and photo lithography, polymer plate etching and mono printing.  Printmaking intersects with disciplines such as creative writing, photography and sculpture, providing opportunities for students to make inventive interdisciplinary combinations and fostering personal growth.  Collaboration builds a strong active community within the print studios. 

The Printmaking area is comprised of:

  • A lithography studio
  • An Intaglio studio
  • A book and letterpress area with a Vandercook 4 press
  • A dedicated area with a Mac computer, scanner and printer for use with all print media.
  • A laser printer for developing wood blocks, book arts, paper cutting and mixed media artwork.


  • Printmaking I (AR 228)
  • Special Topics in Studio Art: Printmaking, Books and Prints, Artists’ Books (AR 264H)
  • Printmaking II: Intaglio (AR 342)
  • Printmaking II: Lithography (AR 350)
  • Special Topics in Studio Art: Printmaking, Advanced Printmaking, Print and Narrative (AR AR 351H)

Student Work