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Skidmore College


In ceramics courses, students develop aesthetics and technique through the direct manipulation of clay, exploring a variety of forming techniques including modeling, coil building, slab constructing, and wheel throwing.   While creatively investigating both functional and sculptural objects, students engage with worldwide cultural traditions in clay.   Our ceramics area is a collaborative environment that fosters a working knowledge of kiln firing as well as clay and glaze formulation, building a strong supportive studio community. 

Our Ceramics Studios are comprised of:

  • Separate studios for hand building and wheel throwing
  • An expansive kiln room with five large gas kilns and five electric kilns  
  • An outdoor kiln area for raku, pit, and salt or soda firings
  • A fully equipped glaze mixing room
  • A plaster mold making area
  • A clay mixing area


  • Ceramics I (AR 211)
  • Ceramics II (AR 217)
  • Ceramics III (AR 318)
  • Special Topics in Studio Art: Ceramics (AR 264A, 351A)

Student Work