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Skidmore College



In our sculpture area, students investigate three-dimensional form through direct experience with tools, materials and processes, experiencing the unique properties of wax, clay, plaster, wood and metal.   While engaging in creative problem solving, students integrate digital technology with traditional methods of casting, carving, and metal processes.

Our sculpture area is comprised of:

  • A welding area
  • A grinding and plasma cutting room
  • A woodshop and CNC routing room
  • A casting area and shelling room
  • A digital work area including 3D Printing and 3D scanning
  • A tool and equipment room


  • Sculpture I (AR 251)
  • Sculpture I Carving Processes in Wood (AR 253)
  • Life Modeling: Sculptural Study of the Human Form (AR 108)
  • Special Topics in Studio Art: Sculpture (AR 262I, 264I, 351I)
  • Sculpture II (AR 352)

Student Work