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Skidmore College

Student Learning Goals

The Studio Art Program offers a rich and diverse range of investigations across the disciplines of art making and art history. Integrating extensive liberal arts offerings with a broad studio experience, majors choose to balance exploration with focus in a particular area as preparation for graduate school or future work in an art-related field. Critical thinking, imaginative problem solving, and self-reflective evaluation are key components in the development of the theoretical and technical aspects of art making. Through art courses students gain competency in visual language, an increasingly important skill in contemporary culture. Visual and verbal analytical and organizational skills learned in the studio apply to thoughtful practice in many arenas of our complex world.

  • Knowledge: The student who successfully completes the studio art major at Skidmore College will understand and experience the practice of art and will understand the role of art as a force in human knowledge. The student will know:
    • The visual language of art and design;
    • Fundamental studio practice: techniques, procedures, and theory shared across studio disciplines;
    • Major achievements in the history of art, Western and non-Western;
    • Varied approaches to the role of art in human experience.
  • Skills and Reasoning Processes: The student who successfully completes the studio art major at Skidmore College will understand the integration of technical proficiency and critical thinking. The student will be able to competently:
    • Manipulate art, craft, and design media, utilizing traditional and contemporary technologies;
    • Organize, analyze, and interpret visual phenomena using problem solving skills;
    • Communicate clearly about art in oral and written form;
    • Evaluate one’s own artmaking and that of one’s peers through critical reasoning about the use of materials, formal elements and content;
    • Create a body of work which joins ideas and process-oriented learning.
  • Application: The studio art major who graduates from Skidmore College will have acquired knowledge, skills, and reasoning abilities which will enable him/her to apply this experience in a variety of ways. The student will be able to:
    • Synthesize knowledge from many fields into studio practice;
    • Engage in substantive self-directed artistic activity;
    • Direct these learned abilities to thoughtful practice in any area;
    • Contribute to the cultural, intellectual, and educational life of the community.