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Skidmore College
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Lauren Sandler, Lecturer

Lauren Sandler

Lauren’s introduction to ceramics began with the study of artifacts as a student of Anthropology. She was immediately drawn to the physical evidence and tangibility of these ancient objects and loved how they inhabited the physical world of our lives through utility while also functioning as metaphors for shifting meaning, measurements of time, and means of connection. Born and raised in New York City Lauren was greatly impacted by the contrasting experience of the city’s prodigious exterior to the intimate interior space of her family’s apartment. Her work has an affinity for spaces where the visceral and structural meet, to a shared experience of body and architecture. Lauren has exhibited nationally and has held residences at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts where she was the recipient of the Kiln God Award, and The Clay Studio of Missoula. She holds an MFA in Ceramics from Penn State University and undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Ceramics from Ithaca College and Suny New Paltz. She teaches ceramics.

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***During Academic Year 2018-2019, Lauren is not on campus***

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