2: Archaic Greece's Renaissance and Revolution: Epic Poetry, Introduction of Alphabet, Rise of the Polis, Panhellenic Sanctuaries 5: Colonization 7: Tyranny 9: Sparta: An Alternative To Tyranny - Early History, Relations with Messenia 12: Sparta: An Alternative To Tyranny - Internal Problems, Reforms, Rhetra, Agoge, Women 14: The Archaic Age: Citizens, Non-Citizens, Slaves and Women 16: Archaic Athens: Crisis and Reform - Governments of Kylon, Drakon, Solon 19-21: Archaic Athens: Reform and Tyranny - Peisistratos 23: Archaic Women: From Homer to Sappho, from Sparta to Athens 26: Study Day

28: Midterm

Oct. 30: Archaic Athens: Kleisthenes and Revolution