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Welcome to the Online resources page for CL 202.

What follows is a list of the better web-based resources for Ovid, Latin poetry, and mythology. Check back every now and then, as new sites may be added.



The Ovid Project is a testament to Ovid's popularity in later centuries. Hope Greenberg of the University of Vermont has made accessible numerous illustrations of the Metamorphoses by the 17th-18th century artist Johann Wilhelm Baur. Highly enjoyable!


A text of the Metamorphoses is available through the Perseus Project, the premiere website of classical studies.

Recent Ovidian Bibliography (ROB) by Sean Redmond of NYU. ROB is a fully searchable and frequently updated database of publications relating to Ovid from 1990-present. Wherever possible, links to on-line articles have been included.

TOCS-IN. Managed by Philippa Matheson of the University of Toronto, the TOCS-IN site makes available—for searching, browsing, or downloading—the tables of contents of over 150 journals of interest to classicists (1992-present).


Encyclopedia Mythica. A searchable database of mythical personae, mostly text but with some images. If you need fast background information on a character in our readings, this is your first stop. The author of the site is Mr. Micha F. Lindemans of the Netherlands, who works with various contributors on the articles.


The Mythmedia Project is a collection of images by Ora Zehavi and Dr. Sonia Klinger, from the resources of the University of Haifa Library in Israel.

Hexametrica. A series of pages (with sound files) that introduce the meter of the Aeneid and other epic poems. Written by Prof. Dan Curley of Skidmore College, the site is online but is under construction.
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