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Strategies for success

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Strategies for success. While everyone has their own way of approaching a course, it might prove worthwhile to consider the following strategies.

Wait to do the exercises. As simplistic as it sounds, this is perhaps the most useful bit of advice. Avoid jumping into the exercises of the ÆON Workbook right after reading the Textbook. Allow time for the principles of each unit to sink in before testing yourself. This means you should pace yourself: don't save it all for the night before class.

Review regularly. Again, this seems obvious, but regular review of past units, particularly vocabulary, will prove essential. The same advice applies to previous exercises.

Use this website. The CL 100 website has been created in order to facilitate your learning experience. It contains not only general course guidelines, but also specifics regarding assignments, due dates, and other essentials. While I will make every effort to remind you of upcoming events and deadlines, the ultimate responsibility for knowing what is due and when is yours alone. Consult this website often in order to keep in touch with the course.

I hope that you will find English Vocabulary from Greek and Latin to be both rigorous and rewarding.

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