Pompeiian wall painting, 1st c. AD
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CL110 Elementary Latin
MW 10.10-11.05 TuTh 9.40-11.00

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
marnush@skidmore.edu Hours: W 9.00 Th 8.30 F 10.30

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If you find yourself struggling with any aspect of learning Latin - vocabulary, forms, syntax, sentences, etc. - you should consider consulting our Latin tutors. Jeff Bussman ('03) and Kristina Meinking ('02) will hold open hours MW 11.30-1.00 and 4-5, TuTh 2-4 in the Classics Department, 2nd floor of Ladd. Just drop in and let them know you are in CL110 and need some assistance.
The textbook by Moreland & Fleischer is divided into 18 units (or chapters). We will complete 12 or 13 units this semester, and so will devote approximately one week to each unit.

Our work in each unit will usually unfold in the same way:

  • Introduction of new grammatical concepts and new vocabulary (day 1)
  • Vocabulary review using Latin Vocab Drill on-line; translation of phrases and simple sentences (day 1 assignment)
  • Introduction of remaining grammatical concepts; in-class vocabulary quiz (day 2)
  • Translation of more complex sentences (day 2 assignment)
  • Review of translations; review of grammatical concepts (day 3)
  • Translation of end-of-chapter passage (day 3 assignment)
  • Review of passage translation; unit quiz (day 4)
  • Read following unit (day 4 assignment)
Cultural elements - brief biographical sketches of the authors read, discussions of different social issues such as the family, Roman names, education, art & archaeology, history or mythology - will arise when relevant to the material in the text, or when the spirit moves us!
The two hour-long midterms will take place at the ends of units 4 and 8 - approximately during the first weeks of October and November, respectively.