Your final project for this course is to conduct research on a specific topic and write a carefully written and well-argued paper. You have considerable latitude in the topic you select; though it must pertain to some aspect of Roman history, it need not focus on any particular issue we have discussed in class, but it must include key topics we have discussed in class. You may explore other aspects of Rome's history, however, and devise a topic that you want to read and write about.

The first step consists of selecting a topic. You must choose a paper topic and submit it via email to me (marnush) by Monday, November 5th. I will review all of your submissions and return my comments by Wednesday, November 7th. All topics must receive my approval. During the week of November 12th, you will need to hand in a thesis statement (11/12), a working bibliography (11/14) and a rough abstract (11/16). Note that the rough draft is due on Tuesday, November 27th, and the final draft on Thursday, December 13, by 4.30pm. See the checklist for the paper for deadlines, etc.

The paper must be at least 3000 words in length (approximately 10 pages). For both the rough and final drafts you must

Your tasks include

Possible topics follow; you may elect to pursue another topic. All topics must receive my approval.