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CL 310 : Catullus

MW 4:00 - 5:20 p.m.  :  442 Scribner Library

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  Wednesday, November 19

-- Cat. 68a (1-40)
-- Thomas 1982, "Catullus and the Polemics of Reference," 154-160.

  Topics for today:

-- Discussion: Flier on Thomas 1982, 154-160

Catullan erudition
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An "evolving digital library" of primary and secondary sources in the Humanities, with emphasis on ancient Greece and Rome.  Authoritative and scholarly.

Perseus features an online text of Catullus (ed. Merrill), keyed into Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary.  See the Greek and Roman Materials page for a complete list of other texts, images, and resources in the collection.

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