HI202 Roman History Course Requirements


Quizzes: 15%
    Short quizzes will be given throughout the course of the semester; the quizzes will cover the readings for the day.
Papers: 35%
    Three papers will be assigned during the course of the semester. In the first you will focus on the use of primary sources, in the second you will analyze a pivotal event in Roman history, and in the third you will design the topic, conduct the research and present your conclusions.
Final: 25%
    Comprehensive exam, date to be announced by the Registrar.
Participation: 25%
    Class participation is an essential aspect of this class, and consists of two components: preparation of readings and assignments, and participation in classroom and electronic discussions. Throughout the semester we will address a variety of issues in an electronic chatroom accessible via Netscape. The Netscape HI 202 chatroom will form an essential corollary to the course, for we will use it to generate discussion, disseminate texts, announcements and other information, and raise issues of interest. Contributions to class discussion - in both the classroom and the chatroom - comprise the 25% of the grade devoted to class participation.

    Of course, if you do not attend class you can not participate in the in-class discussions. Participation in the chatroom is no substitute for contributing in the classroom. You may take 3 absences from the classroom during the semester without penalty -- no questions asked, no explanation necessary. After three absences, each absence will result in a lowering of the class participation component of 25% by one full grade.