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"OK, so I'm getting a degree in Classics. But can I get a job?" The study of classical antiquity means the study of every aspect of two distinct civilizations, from literature to philosophy, from art to mathematics. The intellectual focus and discipline students acquire in Classics courses prepare them for a wide range of employment opportunities:
  • Education: teaching in elementary and high schools, colleges and universities; education administration
  • Communications: journalism; publishing; editing; television; writing
  • Arts: arts administration; auction houses; computer-aided graphics and design; galleries; museums; theater
  • Law and Government: law; government service; historical research; politics; think tanks
  • Libraries: librarianship; book repair and restoration

For a summary of career opportunities for students who have taken Classics courses, check out the "Careers" link in the table on the left.

Each year the Classics Department receives notices of over 150 available jobs at secondary schools for Latin teachers. These positions vary considerably in geography, prerequisites, responsibilities and levels. For those interested in short- or long-term teaching possibilities, contact Prof. Michael Arnush, chair of the Department, or go to the Job Placement webpage. For additional information on employment opportunities, contact the Office of Career Services, which offers career avenues for Classics students.

Skidmore Classics alumni have moved on to jobs

  • for national and regional magazines and newspapers as writers and editors
  • for television stations as writers and reporters
  • in Hollywood as screenwriters
  • in NYC as the advertising account executive for Pepsi-Cola and Pizza Hut
  • for think-tanks like the Rand Corporation
  • in Baghdad as a marine guarding ancient Mesopotamian archaeological sites
  • in Monterey, California, learning Arabic for the US Army
  • in Poland teaching English for the Peace Corps
  • on ranches training horses
  • at the Culinary Institute of America learning to be a chef
  • as a College President, now teaching at Williams College
  • at Sotheby's, Christie's and other auction houses
  • as a translator for ESPN (Japan)
  • as the Director of Classics at Arizona State University
  • as a researcher in Skidmore's Biology Department
  • as teachers in Wyoming, Arizona, California, New Jersey, Virginia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Tuscany and the island of Elba in Italy
  • as Revision Clerk for the Legislative Bill Draft Commission
  • for the New World Symphony as a Library Fellow
  • as a senior consultant for Fannie Mae (federal mortgage lender)
  • as a payroll accountant for a consulting firm
  • as computer programmers and analysts
  • as a volunteer for a NYC-based philanthropic organization
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