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The Frogs

A scene from Aristophanes' Birds?


The project for this term is to produce The Frogs by Aristophanes. You will collaborate with your fellow students on all aspects of the production.

     You will perform the play at the end of the term — time and place to be determined as soon as possible.

     As this project is a group effort, everyone should conscientiously observe requirements and deadlines.  Workloads should be as even as possible; all must pull their weights.

     These pages describe the scope and nature of the project.  Please refer to them often to ensure that you are well-informed.

  • The Duties page lists all of the tasks and roles required to complete the project.

  • The Schedule page offers a timetable (perhaps subject to change) for the project.

  • The Suggestions page offers guidelines on seeing the project through.

  • The Downloads page presents documents and images for members of the class to download.  The current version of the script is located here.

    Please email Prof. Curley with questions or comments.

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