Greek and Roman Historians Prof. Michael Arnush
TuTh 12.40-2.00 Hours W 9-10 Th 8.30 F 10.30-11.30
CC291 Writing in Classics M 4-5

CC226 offers an overview of the historiographic tradition in classical Greece and Rome and explores in detail the surviving texts of the most important ancient historians. Over the course of the semester we will examine the different types of texts from which Greek and Roman history are reconstructed today, how ancient participants in literary cultures constructed their own histories, and the development of the art of writing history. Topics for consideration will include the lives of the historians; their reasons for writing history; their sources and methodologies; plot, theme, style and character; and their observance, or eschewing, of historiographical conventions. Students will compose a series of short essays on the major historians (Herodotus, Thucydides, Livy, Tacitus) on such themes as structure; sources and methodology; theme, plot and character. The final paper will be a creative work in which students try their hand at composing an ancient history.

Students in CC226 will demonstrate the ability to