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Midterm exam

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  Final exam
Midterm exam.

C. Julius Caesar

The Midterm exam is due in class on October 23. Your exam must be typed and double-spaced. 

     You will spend the class period going over the exams, discussing your findings with your peers.  Accordingly, please make enough copies of your exam for the rest of the class.


     The focus of the exam is Suetonius and Plutarch.  For each author, choose 2 exemplary passages from the works you have read (excluding the synkrises or comparisons of Plutarch).  In a brief essay (3-4 paragraphs) explain how each passage illustrates the qualities, interests, purpose, and/or techniques of its author.

     Which passages you choose and what you discuss is up to you.  Nevertheless, in the interest of a well-rounded discussion, you should strive to choose passages that illustrate different things about the author.  Select passages that complement, but not replace, one another.

     Ultimately, your reader should come away with a good sense of not only what each author says, but how and why he says it.

Please email Prof. Curley with questions or comments.

  Final exam
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