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Electronic resources for studying Latin.

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The sheer amount of electronic media, good and bad, devoted to classical studies is nothing less than staggering.

     Here are some useful resources, all of them informative and authoritative, which will enhance your study of Roman prose composition.

  Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar.

     AG is the classic resource for understanding Latin grammar.  Whatever you need to know, from declension of nouns to result clauses, you will find here.  AG is available online via the Perseus Project.

     The link above is to the table of contents — use it to access points of grammar about which you need more information.

  Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary.

     This is the largest version of the dictionary recommended for this couse.  LS, like the Oxford Latin Dictionary, not only gives exhaustive meanings and usages of each word, but also indicates by which authors the word is used, and in what period it is found.  If you have questions about the orthodoxy of a word as you complete your exercises, use LS to help you.

If you discover other online resources that are helpful to you, please contact me.

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