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Herodotus' Histories consisted of one long text written originally on papyrus rolls in antiquity; the librarians in Hellenistic Alexandria in Egypt divided the text into nine books, named for the Muses (the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne - "Memory"). The contents in general are as follows:
  • Prooimion or "prologue"
  • I: History of Lydia (especially the reign of Croesus); Persia (especially the reign of Cyrus); the rise of Persian power
  • II: Egyptian customs and the reign of Cambyses
  • III: History of Egypt; Sparta's war with Samos; death of Cambyses & reign of Darius of Persia
  • IV: Darius' expedition against the Scythians
  • V: Persia's reduction of Thrace; Ionian revolt
  • VI: Persian hostilities against the Greeks; Marathon (1st Persian War)
  • VII: Xerxes succeeds Darius; preparation for the 2nd Persian War; Xerxes' invasion of Greece; Thermopylae
  • VIII: Battles of Artemisum and Salamis
  • IX: Battles of Plataea and Mycale; end of the war
Barbour's Selections include excerpts from the first eight books of Herodotus' work. We will begin with the prooimion (p. 49, lines 1-5) and then proceed to the account of the Persian Wars in books 6 and 7. Our goal is to read these two excerpted books in Barbour, covering the battles of Marathon and Thermopylae. We will also read other portions of the work in English.