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Over the course of the semester you will develop your ability to read continuous Greek prose clearly and cogently, and to understand Herodotus' work in the context of the development of the genre of history and the events that shaped his world. The course requirements are designed to help you sharpen these skills. You will take one midterm and one final exam, which will focus your attention on grammar, syntax and vocabulary, and coherent prose translations. You will present two works of scholarship over the course of the semester, thus honing your oral skills and your ability to understand and synthesize scholarship arguments. Finally, you will construct a commentary on a portion of Herodotus' text, which will require you to draw upon all of these skills:

  • comprehension of Greek grammar and syntax
  • ability to translate phrases in nuanced ways
  • use of electronic and print search engines and sources to identify relevant scholarship
  • sophisticated interpretation of relevant scholarship
  • writing and oral presentation skills
Class participation includes preparation of readings and assignments, and participation in readings, translations and discussions in the classroom. Obviously, if you do not attend class you can not participate. You may take 2 absences from the classroom during the semester without penalty. After two absences, each absence will result in a lowering of the class participation component of 20% by one full grade. Come to class.
All quizzes and exams will have set deadlines. These deadlines will be announced in advance and are non-negotiable; any that you miss will earn a grade of "F."
Participation 20% Daily
Presentation of scholarship 20% On two occasions
Midterm 15%  
Final project: commentary 30%  
Final exam 15%