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Classics Department
Skidmore College
1 End of the Res Publica: 1st Triumvirate RVE ch. 7 pp. 225-239; HAR Cicero's Letters pp. 128-129; map of the late Republic
3 Caesar's Gallic Campaigns; Civil War RVE ch. 8 pp. 238-254; HAR Cicero's Letters p. 130; Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic Wars pp. 135-136 + 1.1-54 (26pp: skim), 6.11-28 (7pp.)
5 Women in Republican Rome ARD ch. 13, "Women in Roman Society," pp. 288-306
Final project
8 The fall of Caesar and the rise of Octavian: the 2nd Triumvirate RVE ch. 9 pp. 254-279; HAR p.320 + Suetonius Life of Augustus chs. 1-11, 62-101 (27pp.)
10 Octavian, Antony and Cleopatra: Civil War redux RVE ch. 9 pp. 279-295; HAR Suetonius Life of Augustus chs. 12-22 (5pp.)
12 Augustus and the pax romana
The Empire under Augustus
RVE ch. 9 pp. 296-316; HAR Suetonius Life of Augustus chs. 23-61 (18pp.) + Augustus Achievements of the Deified Augustus pp. 322-330
Ara Pacis (1, 2, 3); Gemma Augustea; Prima Porta Augustus (1, 2); Mausoleum Augusti; Gaius or Lucius Caesar; Livia
15 The Julio-Claudians: Tiberius, Caligula RVE ch. 10 pp. 317-328; HAR Tacitus pp. 427-428, Annals 1.1-5.51 (pp. 451-490 - read selections)
17 The Julio-Claudians: Claudius, Nero & Civil War
Class discussion
RVE ch. 10 pp. 328-337; HAR Tacitus Annals 11.23-16.19, Histories 1.1-3.72 (pp. 490-530 - read selections)
19 The Flavian principate RVE ch. 11 pp. 353-364; HAR Josephus Jewish War pp. 331-345; Pliny Letters pp. 531-536
Masada (camp; aerial); Jerusalem: Wailing Wall; Arch of Titus (general; detail); Pompeii (thumbnails); Flavian Amphitheater (exterior; interior; cages; reconstruction); Flavian woman; Cancelleria Reliefs: A; B (Domitian; Nerva)
22 1st Century Rome: Petronius' Satyricon SAT "Dinner at Trimalchio's House" chs. 27-78 (pp. 22-73)
29 Panel: The Family and the City

Marriage and Women: Drew, Jill, Amelia, Joanna, Renda
Family and Slaves: Max, Kristi, Corinne, Rebecca, Alex
Domestic and City Life: Chris, Sam, Michael Milazzo
RVE ch. 10 pp. 339-340, 342-347; ch. 11 pp. 379-381