Pompeiian wall painting, 1st c. AD
Cave canem!

CL311 Life in Pompeii
TuTh 2.10-3.30

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462

Classics Department
Skidmore College

The Project represents a major work you will create in which you will examine some aspect of life in Pompeii, an urban environment. Our main topics are broad and varied, and they will bring you into contact with many of the places and voices of Pompeii's past. They will also serve as a jumping-off point for your final project, and they will give you some ideas about possible avenues and directions to pursue.
This capstone project will be a 15-20 page paper that will include a specific issue or problem you wish to explore, Latin texts that illustrate the problem, original translations of those texts by you, and analyses of the texts and the issues that they raise. You might explore a building or a region of the city, an occupation, an individual and/or his or her family, a subgenre of graffiti, some aspect of the theatrical stage or gladiatorial arena, an historical event such as the riot of 59 CE or the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius and the subsequent destruction of the city, etc. Most of these issues we will examine together, but usually only in the broadest contexts. Any one of them, or another of your own design, can provide a rich opportunity for consideration, deliberation and analysis.
The following schedule outlines specific mileposts for this capstone project to help you stay on track towards completion of the project at the end of the semester:
Milepost Due date
Topic statement (a general statement of the project) Thursday, March 11
Identification of texts to translate and analyze Tuesday, March 23
Thesis statement (the problem you will research and analyze) Tuesday, March 30
Bibliography Tuesday, March 30
Rough draft Thursday, April 15
Presentation April 22, 27, 29, May 4
Final draft Friday, May 7, noon