Pompeiian fresco, 1st c. AD

Democracy Inaction

MWF 1.25-2.20
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Prof. Michael Arnush Starbuck 201D x8113
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W 2.30-3.30
4th credit hour
Classics Department
Skidmore College
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7 Civic discourse, the midterm, leadership and moral dilemmas -none-

Local Elections
Election date from 2003:

Where Mike Lenz lost votes

McManus, The Resurgent City Councils, 166-193
Hertke, "My Life as a School Board Candidate: Lessons Learned in Local Politics"
Local election coverage: get copies of the Saratogian (Rebecca, Jordan, Susie), Glens Falls Post-Star (Michal, Jeremy, Rob, Alex), Schenectady Gazette (Dick, Francesca, Toph), Albany Times-Union (Mugi, Ray, Tim, Ben)
11 Did democracy work? Raaflaub, "A Hypothetical Debate about Democracy"
Furet, "Democracy and Utopia"
Final Project: Topic/Thesis statement due
14 Guest lecture: Prof. Tom Martin, College of the Holy Cross

16 Criticisms of Athenian democracy Jones, "Athenian Democracy and its Critics"
Osbourne, "Athenian Democracy: Something to Celebrate?"
18 Democracy ancient and modern
Beedham, "Full Democracy" (Michal, Jeremy, Francesca, Rebecca)
Robinson, "Direct Democracy: Old Prejudices and New Possibilities" (Mugi, Tim, Ben, Ray, Susie) - login to the e-reserves at this link and go to Robinson's article
Wood, "Demos vs. 'We the People': Freedom and Democracy Ancient and Modern" (Jordan, Toph, Alex, Dick, Amelia) - handout
Final Project: introductory paragraph and working bibliography due
21 The local elections: a recap
Guest lecture: Val Keehn, mayor-elect of Saratoga Springs

Questions for Mayor-elect Keehn:
EMAIL THE CLASS with one question for V. Keehn
Election results (without absentee ballots)
Final results will be posted on-line

23,25 Thanksgiving break  
28 Democracy until the founding of America and Campaigns and Elections America (The Book), 1-34
America (The Book), 103-132
Group work: designing a satiric take on Saratoga politicians
30 Rome's Historians and the respublica
Republic: 509-31 BCE
Empire: 31 BCE-476 CE
2nd BCE; 1st BCE; 1st/2nd CE
Polybius Book 6 (excerpts): written ca. 160 BCE
Passages on the life and career of Augustus (63 BCE-14 CE)
Selections from the Res Gestae Divi Augusti ("Acts of the Divine Augustus"): written 13 CE
Final Project: draft due
Nov. 30
Dec. 1
Attend "Preparing for Exams" 11/30: TLC 202; 12/1: Davis Auditorium