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The CL 310 front page.  Links to next class, the current unit, and a random web page of interest.

An overview of the course:

Introduction:  the big picture.
Objectives:  what students will gain from the course.
Instructor:  office hours and contact information.
Textbooks:  books to purchase.
Requirements:  assignments, quizzes, and other bases for grading.


Complete list of  important due dates.


Guidelines for the semester project:

Introduction:  what the project is about.
Topics:  finding a topic to explore.
Meetings:  in-class discussions on the topics.
Papers:  guidelines and due dates for topic papers.
Editors:  how the papers become part of the article
Final article:  rolling out the finished product.
Grading:  how students will be evaluated.
Resources:  helpful web tools for writing and research.

See also:

Resources > scholarship: search engines for finding scholarship. 


Wikipedia article on Plautus.


Information this semester's take-home quizzes:

Introduction:  brief statement of purpose.
Format:  guidelines for completing the quizzes.
Quiz 1:  due October 21, 5:00 p.m.
Quiz 2:  due December 1, 5:00 p.m.
Quiz 3:  due December 19, noon


Readings for classes and the project.


Links to Web resources on Ovid, the Metamorphoses, and Latin poetry:

Latin grammar:  constructions and syntax.
Myth and culture:  the Romans and their society.
Scholarship:  search engines for finding scholarship.

See also:

Semester project > resources:  helpful web tools for writing and research.

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