Pompeiian fresco, 1st c. AD

SSP100.001: Democracy Inaction
M 2.30-3.25
W 1.00-2.20 F 1.25-2.20 (Lib 213)

Prof. Michael Arnush Starbuck 201D x8113
marnush@skidmore.edu Hours: M 11-12 F 10.30-11.30
Classics Department
Skidmore College
4 Introduction  

Homeric society pt. 1

Homeric society pt. 2

  • Susie: How are you coping with the first week? What are the challenges you have faced, and what strategies have worked?
  • Ancient Greek Democracy 28-75
  • Map of the Aegean Sea (iam.classics.unc.edu/map/download/area_a7_dload.pdf)
  • Hoplites: Chigi Vase (ca. 660 BCE)
  • Delphi: oracle at the Temple of Apollo (7th-5th centuries BCE)
11 Reforms of Solon
  • Ancient Greek Democracy 76-81 = Athenian Constitution 45-54

Peisistratid Tyranny
and "The College Essay Assignment" (Prof. Phil Boshoff, director, and Peter Zogas, co-head tutor, Writing Center: 1.45pm)

  • Herodotus 1.59-64 (link is to 1.59; be sure to continue to the remaining chapters); Thucydides 1.17 (one screen only). NOTE: if these links don't work, download this MSWord version.
  • Ancient Greek Democracy 81-88 = Herodotus Histories 5.62-78 and Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War 6.53-59
  • Essay 1 assignment: What are the principles that guided the evolution of democracy, from the Homeric community to the reforms of Kleisthenes? See the Requirements page for more details.
15 Kleisthenic Revolution pt. 1
18 Kleisthenic Revolution pt. 2

Persian Wars
We'll focus on Kleisthenes' new democracy and also conduct an ostracism!
Gregory Williams, lecture on Life on the Color Line, 5.30, Gannett Auditorium

  • Athenian Citizen "Ostracism" (pp. 21-22 in my text)
  • Athenian Constitution 64-65 (chapter 22)
  • Marathon: Herodotus book 6, chapters 102-116 (start here with 6.102, and continue until you've read to 6.116)
  • The growth of democracy: see Pres. Bush's speech to the UN on 9/19/06
22 Athenian Courtroom Justice
  • Athenian Citizen "Judiciary and Lawcourts" (pp. 23-27)
  • Aeschylus Eumenides (handout) - focus on the trial before the Areopagus
  • Essay 1 draft due
  • See the Demos article on the "Areopagus"
25 Delian League and the growth of the Athenian Empire
  • Athenian Citizen "Athenian Currency," and "Standard Weights and Measures" (pp. 28-32 in my text)
  • Athenian Constitution 66-71
  • Note: readings from Greek Art shifted to Wednesday
27 Age of Pericles: Radical Democracy and the Parthenon
  • Greek Art 27-35, 53-59, 78-88, 108-116 (.pdf online)
  • Peer critiquing papers
29 Saratoga Springs Charter Reform: a primer