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Over the course of the semester you will develop writing skills that will help you craft clear and cogent prose, and study skills that will assist you in doing fine work on an exam. The course requirements are designed to help you sharpen these skills.

To help you focus your reading, I will distribute a list of questions to go with each assignment. Please think about these questions as you read, drawing support for your answers from your primary and secondary sources, and come to class ready to discuss them.

  % of Grade Dates
Participation 10% daily
Map Quizzes 10% Feb. 3, March 10, April 12
Short Paper 15% Feb. 15 (draft); Feb. 24 (final)
Midterm exam 15% Feb. 27
Final Project 25% April 10 (draft); April 26 (final)
Final Exam 25% May 11, 6:00PM

Participation (10%):
Class participation includes preparation of readings and assignments, and participation in discussions in the classroom. Obviously, if you do not attend class you can not participate in the in-class discussions. Come to class and contribute.

Map quizzes (10%):
A basic grasp of ancient Greek geography is indispensable to understanding what's going on in your primary and secondary sources. To help you master this material, there will be 3 short (5-10 min.) map quizzes over the course of the semester. In each, I will give you a blank map and ask you to give the location of 10 places, drawn from a pre-announced list. In addition to the maps in your textbooks, here are some maps you should find helpful:

Short Paper (15%):
You will write one short (3-4 pages) paper that asks you to research, compare and analyze primary sources only.

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Final Project (25%):
Your final project will be to compose an ancient document — a portion of a history, an inscription, a piece of epic or lyric poetry, a drama — reflecting your understanding of the sources for Greek history.

Useful links for writing your own Greek drama:

All assignments and exams will have set deadlines. These deadlines will be announced in advance and are non-negotiable; any that you miss will earn a grade of "F."

Honor Code Statement

"I hereby accept membership in the Skidmore College Community and, with full realization of the responsibilities inherent in membership, do agree to adhere to honesty and integrity in all relationships, to be considerate of the rights of others, and to abide by the college regulations."
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