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In our first unit students will define the concept of community, our theme for this term, particularly as it pertains to the ancient Greeks and Romans.  Students will also become acquainted with the three principal disciplines for exploring the remains of the classical world:  philology, archaeology, and history.

  Monday, January 24
  Topics for today:

-- Using the course website
-- Course overview and requirements
-- Scheduling the fourth hour
-- Course theme: Community in antiquity

  Wednesday, January 26
  -- Homer, Odyssey books 1-3
  Topics for today:

-- What does a philologist do? (Curley / Murray)
-- Greek alphabet handout

  Friday, January 28
  -- Homer, Odyssey books 4-6
-- Herodotus the historian
  Topics for today:

-- What does an historian do? (Arnush)

  Monday, January 31
  -- Homer, Odyssey books 7-9
  Topics for today:

-- What does an archaeologist do? (Mechem)

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