Capodimonte Painter, Volute-Krater, ca. 320-310 BCE: Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Herakles Home

HI204 Athens, Alexander & Cleopatra

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462 Hours: MW 12.15-1.15pm





The Formation of the Delian League
Athens after the Persian Wars

HCW 1-40
Thucydides 1.87-103 (pages 1-7): 479-458

The Athenian Empire in the Mid-Fifth Century & Periclean Athens

HCW 41-70
Thucydides 1.87-118 (pages 8-18): 460-432
1/30 The Greeks in the West: The Rise of Syracuse
The Peloponnesian War: Origins
HCW 71-89
2/1 Survey: the war and Thucydides Thuc. "Introduction" pp. ix-xxxv, 1-13
2/3 Origins of the war Thuc. pp. 15-37
2/6 Pericles and the plague Thuc. pp. 39-58
2/8 Justice & power: Plataea & Mytilene
Human nature laid bare in civil war
Thuc. pp. 59-95

Class debate: Peloponnesian War, 431-421

  • Plataea vs. Thebes
  • Cleon vs. Diodotus

The Peloponnesian War: Resources & Strategies

HCW 90-115

The Athens of Cleon
The Peloponnesian War: 421-415

HCW 116-141; Thuc. pp. 97-109

In the debate between the Melians (women) and Athenians (men),

  • what are the essential components of each argument?
  • what are the strengths and weaknesses of each argument?
  • what are some tactics you can use to refute the others’ positions?
  • is there any room for compromise in your position?
2/15 The Sicilian Expedition and beyond Thuc. pp. 111-154
2/17 The Peloponnesian War: 413-404
Selection of roles for the game
HCW 142-154
2/2o The Game
Athens in the Late Fifth Century
For all readings, see The Game
155-171 (background)

The Game

For all readings, see The Game
2/24 The Game For all readings, see The Game

The Game

For all readings, see The Game
2/29 The Game For all readings, see The Game

The Game
Athens after the Peloponnesian War

For all readings, see The Game
172-188, 257-272


The Game

For all readings, see The Game
3/7 The Game

For all readings, see The Game
HCW 172-188, 257-272
Speeches due in Blackboard



Due 10am via email

  Spring Break  

Introduction to the Fourth Century: The Common Peace; Sparta's Imperialism and Collapse

HCW 189-225

3/21 The Second Athenian League; Thebes and Northern Greece

HCW 226-256

  • What are the key issues from 404-355 BCE in terms of interstate relations?
  • How have things changed since the Peloponnesian War?
  • After 27 years of war, what questions do you think Athenians, Spartans and other Greeks were contemplating?
  • Was the outcome of the war, and the subsequent events until 355, inevitable?
  • Did the poleis learn anything from the war?

Philip II of Macedon
Demosthenic Athens
Philip timeline

HCW 294-346
Essay assignment: the career of Alexander

  • Alexander’s approach to world conquest was complex and varied with the circumstances – the timing, the location, the people involved, and, of course, the stakes. Analyze Alexander’s method for conquest and offer a critique of his approach. Include specific details about his campaign from the destruction of Thebes in 335 until his death in 323/2. Cite HCW and any primary sources we examine where appropriate.
3/26 Alexander the Great: Sources and Outline
3/28 Alexander the Great: Granicus to Egypt HWAR 4-7
3/30 Alexander the Great: Egypt to India HWAR 8-12
4/2 Alexander the Great: India to Babylon HCW 401-426; HWAR 13-19

Alexander the Great: Assessment

  • Debate between Macedonians and Persians: what should we do now that Alexander has died?
  • Macedonians: Elizabeth, Sam, Dylan, Kyl, Kristina, Joanna, Dana, Callie, Sarabell, Jessica, Chris
  • Persians: Becca, Margaret, Tyler, Adam, Emily, Daniel, Matthew, Krista, Andrew, Shawna, Kate, Z

HWAR 20-25
Final project discussion & primary sources

4/5   Essay due in Blackboard by 5pm

The Making of the Hellenistic World

The two questions below will be relevant to all of the discussions for the next two weeks. Please be prepared to answer them today and for your day to lead the discussions. For the HWAR readings (referred to as "Austin" in HHW), please include in your classroom discussion the relevant evidence in HWAR (cited by number) (HWAR is available in our classroom online).

HHW 1-142:

  • 1-35: Arnush (HWAR 30, 37)
  • 28-50: Kyl, Andrew, Adam, Chris, Dana
  • 51-76: Dylan, Margaret, Tyler, Z, Shawna
  • 77-103: Elizabeth, Kristina, Sam, Kate, Joanna
  • 103-119: Becca, Krista, Callie, Emily
  • 119-142: Daniel, Matthew, Jessica, Sarabell

What are the three most imporant issues in the reading, and why?
What two pieces of evidence in HWAR are most germane, and why?

4/9 Egypt: the coming of Cleopatra Kyl, Andrew, Adam, Chris, Dana: HHW 143-162; HWAR
4/11 The Challenge of Rome:
Clouds in the West
Dylan, Margaret, Tyler, Z, Shawna: HHW 163-190; HWAR
4/13 Storm in the Balkans

Elizabeth, Kristina, Sam, Joanna: HHW 191-246; HWAR
Project short essay due

  • For this component of the project, you need only indicate in an email to me the passages you will be using from Plutarch, Diodorus Siculus and Justin to enhance and deepen your paper into a final project.
4/16 Hellenistic World: Social and Economic Trends; Cultural Developments: Philosophy, Science and Technology Becca, Krista, Callie, Emily: Handout, pp. 160-208; HWAR (if possible)
4/18 Hellenistic World: Religious Developments
Egypt becomes Roman
Daniel, Matthew, Jessica, Sarabell: HHW 290-305; handout, 209-226; HWAR (if possible)
4/20 Class attends Parilia Location TBA
4/23 Cleopatra Superstar Kleiner, chs. 1-2
4/25 The Professionals; Cleopatra architecta; Alexander on the Tiber Kleiner, chs. 4-6

Living the Inimitable Life; From Asp to Eternity

Kleiner, chs. 7, 19


Summing up

Project final essay due