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Dropping versus Withdrawing from a Course  

Dropping a Course Withdrawal from a Course
Allowed before the semester begins and during only the first two weeks of the term. After the second week of class and prior to the final 3 weeks of the fall or spring semesters (exclusive of exam week). 
Students complete the drop in the student system. Signatures are required on a paper form available at the Registrar’s Office.
No financial obligation, even for class fees. Students are financially liable for tuition charges as well as course  fees.
Course is deleted completely from the schedule and the transcript. A non-punitive grade of “W” is recorded on the transcript.  The GPA is not affected.
Decreases the number of credits for which the student is enrolled. Does not have an impact on the student’s total hours of enrollment for the term, but progress toward degree completion and satisfactory academic progress are affected because the number of hours completed is reduced.
No limit on the number of drops. A limit of 2 withdrawals per Skidmore academic career.  Exceptions for medical emergencies (usually involves a leave of absence) are approved by the Committee on Academic Standing.
Since the course is removed from the schedule, credit hours are not used for calculation of full time status for athletics, aid, or health care coverage. Withdrawing from a course may jeopardize aid or athletic eligibility for that term or a  subsequent term.  Students should work with appropriate offices to get advice on the impact of the withdrawal.