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Grade Changes or Disputes

No grade may be changed by re-examination or supplementary work. In other words, the instructor's evaluation of the student's work is considered complete and final once the course grade is submitted to the Registrar. If the instructor finds that he or she has incorrectly recorded a grade through computational or clerical error, s/he may make a request for change of grade to the Committee On Academic Standing. All requests for changes of this sort must originate with the instructor and obtain approval from the Committee.

Students who wish to question a particular grade (either for individual assignments and tests or for the course as a whole) should do so soon after notice of the grade has been given. They should request an explanation of the grade from the course instructor, who holds final responsibility for his or her grading criteria and judgments. If, after consultation with the instructor and the department chairperson, the student believes the grade reflects a severe bias or unfair practice on the part of the instructor, the student may present evidence to the Committee on Academic Freedom and Rights.

The Skidmore College Catalog states:

"If an instructor has made a computational or clerical error, he or she may request a change in the student's grade. No grade may be changed on the basis of reexamination, reevaluation, or supplementary work."

Once the grade change is submitted to CAS and the request is acted on, the student will receive either a letter of denial or an updated copy of the grade report through campus mail.