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Skidmore College
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Poster Contest 2014

Art Clubs


Pro-Arts is Skidmore's official fine arts club! We are the connection between studio artists and the rest of the college. Club meetings are held once a week from 7:00-7:30 p.m. with open model sessions running afterward (7:30-9 p.m.). We run the student gallery in Case and do collaborative projects with various groups and institutions, including the Tang Museum, other student clubs, and the wider Saratoga community.  Find Pro-Arts on Facebook


Foundry Club

Foundry Club

The Foundry Club is dedicated to the casting of metal and non-metal materials. The goal of the club is to teach students to cast metal and to expand the College's art scene and involvement in the larger art community. The club sponsors both on- and off-campus events, from visits to local casting venues to extra critiques from Skidmore professors out of class.

LINE Art Review

LINE is the Skidmore College campus source for visual arts discussion, committed to presenting and encouraging critique of visual art both on and off campus, as well as conversation on topics in the general art world unrelated to recent visual art exhibits.

Photography Club

Our organization strives to act as a resource for all of the photographers at Skidmore College. We hold weekly meetings to critique each other's work, vote on contest winners, discuss current trends in the art of photography, give tutorials, bring in professional photographers and learn from one another. As a member of our club you will have access to 35mm film cameras, lighting equipment, and free film on occasion.  Find the Photography Club on Facebook