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Leadership Activities

Policy Guidelines for Scheduling Events

General Information

I. Your event must not take place on the same evening as other major events
II. Special weekends/theme programs
III. Theme "weeks" and "months"
IV. Academic Departments
V. Publicity of Events
VI. Facility Rental Policy

I. College policy dictates that there will be no more than one major event each evening Monday through Thursday. It is expected that every effort will be made to avoid scheduling events against All-College Convocations, Annual Named Lecture Series, or major events. For practical purposes, a major event may be defined as an event that is aimed at an all-College audience or that involves payment of an honorarium of $1,000 or more.  For information on events already scheduled, please check Skidmore's E-Calender.

II. Weekends that are theme-related shall be designated "Special Weekends" and shall be coordinated by the appropriate sponsoring club, organization or department. Examples of such weekends include First-Year Orientation Weekend, Oktoberfest, Family Weekend, Ring Weekend, Winter Carnival, and Spring Fling. The coordinating sponsoring group shall determine the Special Weekend logo and major events for that weekend. Event proposals from other groups may be submitted to the coordinating group for consideration. Other "special weekends" may be organized, other than the traditional annual Special Weekends, on a year-to-year basis, providing that appropriate weekend dates are available, and do not encroach upon regular co-curricular programming expectations of the many clubs and organizations at the College. 

III. (Hispanic Heritage Celebration, Native American Celebration, Multicultural Celebration, Black History Celebration, Women's Festival, Asian American Celebration, Environmental Awareness) may be noted on the co-curricular calendar and may be recognized as such in an effort to raise community awareness. The appropriate sponsoring group(s) may reserve one "special weekend" attached to the theme week, or within the theme month; (2) weekday evenings (Monday-Thursday) for theme-related programs during a theme week; and (5) weekday evenings (Monday-Thursday) for theme-related programs during a theme month. Major campus activities sponsored by other groups may not be scheduled on these "reserved" evenings without the expressed verbal/written permission of the theme-related sponsoring group. It is expected that the theme-related sponsoring group will make every effort to plan their events well in advance of the theme week/month. If concrete plans for a reserved date are not confirmed prior to that date, then the reservation is considered canceled. Other groups may then calendar that date for non-theme-related activities. The theme-related group may schedule alternative dates on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional weekend night programs may be planned on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be considered part of a variety of weekend program offerings.

IV. Theater, dance, sports, music, art may schedule programs during special weekends, theme weeks, theme months, and reserved theme dates at their discretion. Sponsoring groups may not exercise purview over academic-related events that may need to be scheduled on theme-related dates.