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Travel Policies


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Skidmore College believes that sponsored off-campus activities can be an important part of a students’ overall learning experience.  However, off-campus activities can involve significant risks, both to students participating in them and also to the College based upon the manner in which students conduct themselves during the event.

The purpose of this policy is to: 
1) Ensure that the College is informed of the whereabouts of students participating in travel organized by student organizations and the conditions under which such excursions shall be conducted; and
2)  Provide guidelines and expectations to registered clubs and organizations regarding the planning and preparation of their sponsored event.


The standard of conduct set forth in the Skidmore College Student Honor Code (contained in the Student Handbook) and all College policies and procedures are applicable to the student while participating in any off-campus activity understanding that such compliance is important to the success of the event and to the College’s willingness to permit future similar activities. 

In addition to the Student Honor Code, participants will be expected to adhere to the following:

1)To conform his/her conduct to the standards surrounding the event and assume responsibility for his or her own actions, understanding that the circumstances of an off-campus activity may require a standard of decorum which may differ from that applicable on campus.

2)To maintain health and automobile insurance as necessary, and to be responsible for the costs of such insurance and for any expenses not covered by insurance.

3) Clubs are encouraged to charter buses or to rent vehicles for all club purposes to defer all possible damage/liability costs to Skidmore.  When students use their own vehicles on authorized SGA/College business, it is their personal insurance policy that is primary coverage for liability and physical damage coverage.  It is important that the individual have adequate coverage, as Skidmore’s insurance provides non-ownership liability for exposure to the College only (this means the insurance covers only the College in the event of a lawsuit

4) Complete a Participant Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Form and register all trips before traveling.


The sponsoring club must submit a Travel Registration Form to the Office of Leadership Activities 24 hours prior to traveling.  A Travel Registration Form is required:

Requirements will be at the discretion of the Leadership Activities staff.

This online form should be completed for the entire group (Online submission is here.).  This should include detailed information about the event including a travel itinerary, and a list of participants.  For all events, the club should designate an official Trip Coordinator for communication and emergency purposes.

Note:  For regularly scheduled and on-going events, such as volunteer activities, clubs can register the entire set of activities as one event for the semester.  Any new members that get involved after the form has been submitted can be added to the existing registration form by notifying the Office of Leadership Activities.

For rented or college owned vehicles

Before operating any college owned, rented or leased motor vehicle on behalf of a College club or organization, club members are required to attend Driver Safety Training, and submit appropriate documentation to the Leadership Activities Office at least ten (10) days prior to the activity. The documentation will then be forwarded to the Business Services Department, where a 3-year Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) will be requested from the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles through the College's insurance agent.  Campus Safety will then review the MVR to grant authorization to drive. Authorization is required annually.
Driver Requirements:
In order to receive authorization to operate a College owned, leased or rented vehicle, students must:

  • Complete The Driver Safety Training
  • Possess a current valid US driver's license and be at least 18 years of age. Note: if a rental or leased vehicle will be used, compliance with that Agency's age requirement is required.
  • Apple for College motor vehicle driving privileges using the "Driver Authorization Application", and be accepted in accordance with the College's MVR Standards.
  • Agree to operate said motor vehicles in accordance with applicable local, state and federal laws and College's regulations, at all times.  This agreement is found on the bottom portion of the Application for College Driving Privileges, and must be signed by the driver prior to the time eligibility is conferred.
  • Seat belts must be used by drivers and passengers, when provided in a motor vehicle.
  • The payment of all driver related traffic violations and citations will be the sole responsibility of the driver.
  • Report any change in license status (e.g., convictions, if your license has been suspended or revoked) to the Leadership Activities Office immediately.

The College reserves the right to deny or suspend a student's privilege to operate a College vehicle at any time due to insurability concerns.
Please complete the Driver Authorization Application and return it to the Leadership Activities Office.  You will be notified of your driving status via e-mail within five business days. Authorized status is active for current academic year only!  Renewal is required each year.

Driving Requirements: Possess a Valid US Drivers License Must be 18 years or older Agree to drive in accordance with all laws (State and Federal) Wear seat belt - ensure others to do the same Understand the payment of all driver related traffic violations and citations will be the sole responsibility of the driver Report any changes in license status (suspended, revoked)