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Leadership Activities

Financial Policies - Forms

All financial forms are available here or can be found outside of the SGA Financial Coordinator’s office (Case 226) and should be placed in the drop box below the financial forms upon completion. Financial forms must be filled out in their entirety and submitted with all appropriate signatures. Electronic copies are not accepted. Financial forms are reviewed and approved biweekly by the SGA Vice President for Financial Affairs, the Director of Leadership Activities, and the SGA Financial Coordinator during the check approval process. Some forms require additional review/approval by the B&F Committee, Academic Council, Dining Services, and/or the Senate. These additional requirements are noted in the descriptions below.


Expense Requests

Deposit Form

Travel Form

Dining Services Authorization

       (Approval by Dining Services Representative Required)

Co-Sponsorship Agreement

Budget Modification Requests

*All Budget Modification Requests must be reviewed during the check approval process before being approved or recommended to the Senate by the B&F Committee*

Category Transfers

Conference Grants

Conference grants are meant for SGA clubs/committees. Conference grant requests are not guaranteed, even if the conference theme is the central mission of the club/committee. Every application will be fully considered, but the criteria within the document “Criteria for Conference Grants” will guide the B&F Committee in recommending their requests to Senate.

The JSS Activism and Civic Engagement Fund

The JSS Activism Fund was created in honor of Skidmore’s sixth President, Jamienne S. Studley, to enable students to participate in political and social activism, or causes to expand their sense of community involvement, service, and awareness. The Civic Engagement Fund was created to provide financial support for worthwhile student civic engagement projects that actively pursue the alleviation of public concerns and the improvement of public life in a community. The JSS Activism and Civic Engagement Fund is meant to achieve the goals of both individual funds. The Fund is meant for all students. Fund requests are not guaranteed. Every application will be fully considered, but the criteria within the document “Criteria for the JSS Activism and Civic Engagement Fund” will guide Senate in granting funds.

Out-of-Classroom Discussion Fund

        (Academic Council Representative Approval Required)