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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Scribner Seminar Program
Seminar Titles 2008-09

Below is an alphabetical listing of the Scribner Seminars offered in Fall 2008. Descriptions of the seminars are linked* to the titles, and the number to the left is the section number of the course; during registration, these numbers distinguish each seminar within the SSP 100 class listing. 

Please keep in mind that some Scribner Seminars may have a class time or 4th credit hour session in the late afternoon or early evening.  The link below will list those courses that may pose conflicts for you during those times.  Please be sure and discuss your choices with your summer advisor if you feel there may be a conflict with something else in your schedule.

* links will be activated when the course has been approved


(001) Africa in Stereotypes
Instructor: Sonia Silva
W/F 12:20p-1:40p & M 9:05a-10:00a

(002)  American Liberty
Instructor: Beau Breslin
M/W 2:30p-4:20p

(003)  American Memories
Instructor: Greg Pfitzer
M/W/F 9:05a-10:00a

(004) American Founding
Instructor: Timothy Burns
M/W 2:30p-4:20p

(005)  The Broadway Musical
Instructor: Charles M. Joseph
TU/TH 9:10a-10:30a & M 9:05a-10:00a

(006)  Can Machines Think?
Instructor: Tom O'Connell
M/W 4:00p-5:50p

(007) Children's Lit Revisited
Instructor: Catherine Golden
TU/TH 2:10p-3:30p & M 1:25p-2:20p

(008) China and the West
Instructor: Mao Chen
TU/TH 2:10p-3:30p & W 5:10p-6:05p

(009) Cycles of Marriage
Instructor: Susan Walzer
TU/TH 11:10a-12:30p & M 11:15a-12:10p

(010)  Den of Antiquities
Instructor: Leslie Mechem
M/W 2:30p-3:50p & TH 7:00p-8:00p

(011) Diversity: Why Care?
Instructor: Lenora de la Luna
TU/TH 3:40p-5:00p & TH 5:00p-6:00p

(012) Drug Discovery
Instructor: Raj Nagarajan
M/W 2:30p-4:20p

(013) Earth System Evolution
Instructor: Richard Lindemann
W/F 8:40a-10:00a & M 9:05a-10:00a

(014) Educating Citizens
Instructor: Natalie Taylor
M/W 2:30p-4:20p

(015)  European Integration
Instructor: Joerg Bibow
TU/TH 2:10p-3:30p & TU 5:00p-6:00p

(016)African Arts
Instructor: Lisa Aronson
W/F 12:20p-2:10p

(017) How Do Women Look?
Instructor: Katie Hauser
TU/TH 9:40a-11:00a

(018) The Human Body
Instructor: Patricia Fehling
TU/TH 12:40p-2:00p & M 12:20p-1:15p

(019) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Jennifer Delton
TU/TH 12:40p-2:00p & M 1:25p-2:20p

(020) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Sarah Goodwin
TU/TH 9:40a-11:00a & M 1:25p-2:20p

(021) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Pat Hilleren
TU/TH 3:40p-5:30p & M 1:25p-2:20p

(022) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Karen Kellogg
TU/TH 12:40p-2:00p & M 1:25p-2:20p

(023) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Crystal Moore
W/F 10:10a-11:30a & M 1:25p-2:20p

(024) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Iona Park
TU/TH 12:40p-2:00p & M 1:25p-2:20p

(025) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Lewis Rosengarten
TU/TH 11:10a-12:30p & M 1:25p-2:20p

(026) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Roy Rotheim
TU/TH 11:10a-12:30p & M 1:25p-2:20p

(027) Human Origins
Instructor: Bernie Possidente
TU/TH 3:40p-5:00p & TH 5:00p-6:00p

(028) Human Origins
Instructor: Phyllis Roth
TU/TH 3:40p-5:00p & TH 5:00p-6:00p

(029) Images of Work
Instructor: Caroline D'Abate
TU/TH 9:10a-11:00a

(030) Imagine That!
Instructor: Mary Ann Foley
M/W 4:00p-5:50p

(031) Industry & Innovation
Instructor: Tim Harper
M/W 4:00p-5:50p

(032) Italian Cinema
Instructor: Giuseppe Faustini
TU/TH 3:40p-5:00p & W 4:00p-6:30p

(033)  Latin American Cities CANCELLED
Instructor: Jordana Dym
TU/TH 12:40p-2:00p & M 5:00p-6:00p

(034) Leather, Paper, Lead
Instructor: Kate Leavitt
W/F 10:10a-11:30a

(035) The Mind's I
Instructor: Linda Simon
TU/TH 9:40a-11:00a & W 5:00p-6:00p

(036) Perception & Reality
Instructor: Hugh Foley
TU/TH 9:10a-11:00a

(037) Radical Children's Writers
Instructor: Susan Lehr
TU/TH 11:10a-12:30p & TU 5:00p-6:00p

(038) Rich, Free, and Miserable
Instructor: John Brueggeman
M/W 2:30p-4:20p

(039) Ring of the Nibelungs
Instructor: Tom Denny
M/W 4:00p-5:50p & TH 6:00p-8:00p

(040) River Goddesses of India
Instructor: Joel Smith
TU/TH 3:40p-5:30p

(041) Social Justice
Instructor: Virginia Murphy-Berman
TU/TH 3:40p-5:30p

(042) Shakespeare was Jewish?
Instructor: Lary Opitz
TU/TH 3:40p-5:30p

(044) 20th Cent Apparel in US
Instructor: Betty Balevic
TU/TH 11:10a-12:30p & M 11:15a-12:10p

(045) The Virtual Republic
Instructor: Ronald Seyb
M/W/F 10:10a-11:05a

(046) Why We Eat What We Eat
Instructor: Una Bray
TU/TH 2:10p-3:30p & W 5:30p-7:30p

(047) Without Bound?
Instructor: Rachel Roe-Dale
M/W/F 9:05-10:00 & M 1:25-2:20

(048) Word and Image
Instructor: Marc-André Wiesmann
W/F 10:10a-11:30a & M 11:15a-12:10a

(049)  Writing in America
Instructor: Linda Hall
TU/TH 9:40a-11:00a & M 9:05a-10:00a