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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Scribner Seminar Program
Course Description

Images of Work in Literature, the Arts, and Popular Culture

Instructor(s): Caroline D'Abate, Management and Business

Description: What is it like to manage or be managed? Students in this seminar will examine the concept of work and the complex issues faced by workers and leaders in organizations and society using the varied perspectives of literature, the arts, and popular culture. Work is a central life experience that can be understood using sociological, psychological, and managerial theories and models. Through the lenses of film, literature, dance, music, theater and pop culture, the course will illustrate these interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks and the experience of work. We will study work-related topics such as employee mentoring and coaching, business ethics, power and authority, entrepreneurship, work/life balance, leadership, and white vs. blue collar work in the context of films such as Wall Street, works of literature like The Great Gatsby, and plays such as Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. The richness and accessibility of these textual, artistic, and visual examples provides a powerful context for understanding the complexities of the work experience.

Course Offered