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Scribner Seminar Program
Seminar Title 2011-12

Below is an section listing of the Scribner Seminars offered in Fall 2011. Descriptions of the seminars are linked to the titles, and the number to the left is the section number of the course; during registration, these numbers distinguish each seminar within the SSP 100 class listing.*

Please keep in mind that some Scribner Seminars may have a class time or 4th credit hour session in the late afternoon or early evening. ** If you are majoring in Biology, Environmental Studies, or Theater or are on the Pre-Med Track, please review the Course Conflict Sheet  before selecting your 10 choices.  Fall athletes should be sure to review the Athletics Conflict Sheet to select Seminars that will not conflict with practice schedules. 

* Links will be activated when the course has been approved.
** Please confirm class days and times with the Registrar's Master Schedule as it contains the most up-to-date information available.

London Program

British Past in Film
Instructor: Dan Nathan

Coming of Age in London
Instructor: Pat Oles

(001) African Arts
Instructor: Lisa Aronson
W/F 10:10-11:30
M 11:15-12:10

(002) American Buddhism
Instructor: Joel Smith
M/W 2:30-3:50
F 10:10-11:05

(003) American Founding Principles
Instructor: Tim Burns
W/F 12:20-1:40
M 12:20-1:15

(004) American Liberty
Instructor: Beau Breslin
TU/TH 3:40-5:00
W 5:30-6:30

(005) American Political Theater
Instructor: Carolyn Anderson
TU/TH 12:40-2:00
TU 5:00-5:55

(006) Care of the Heart
Instructor: Denise Smith
TU/TH 2:10-3:30
TU 6:00-7:00

(007) Children's Lit Revisited
Instructor: Catherine Golden
TU/TH 11:10-12:30
M 11:15-12:10

(008) Classics on Film
Instructor: Dan Curley
TU/TH 11:10-12:30
M 7:00-7:55

(009) Cycles of Marriage
Instructor: Susan Walzer
M/W 2:30-3:50
M 5:00-6:00

(010) Earth System Evolution
Instructor:Richard Lindemann
TU/TH 12:40-2:00
M 12:20-1:15

(011) Educating Citizens
Instructor: Natalie Taylor
W/F 10:10-11:30
M 11:15-12:10

(012) Environmental Problems
Instructor: Lynda Vargha
TU/TH 3:40-5:00
TH 5:00-6:00

(013) Eyes Wide Open
Instructor: Janet Sorensen
W/F 12:20-2:10

(014) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Michael C. Ennis-McMillan
TU/TH 12:40-2:00
M 1:25-2:20

(015) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Sheldon Solomon
TU/TH 9:40-11:00
M 1:25-2:20

(016) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Mary DiSanto-Rose
M/W 2:30-3:50
M 1:25-2:20

(017) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Viviana Rangil
TU/TH 12:40-2:00
M 1:25-2:20

(018) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Sue Layden
TU/TH 11:10-12:30
M 1:25-2:20

(019) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Sarah Goodwin
TU/TH 11:10-12:30
M 1:25-2:20

(020) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Peter McCarthy
TU/TH 2:10-3:30
M 1:25-2:20

(021) Ireland: Myth, Reality
Instructor: Jim Kennelly
TU/TH 12:40-2:00
TU 5:30-6:25

(022) Italian Food & Fiction
Instructor: Shirley Smith
M/W 2:30-3:50
W 5:00-5:55

(023) Urban Latin America
Instructor: Jordana Dym
W/F 12:20-2:10


(024) Urban Latin America
Instructor: Heather Hurst
W/F 12:20-2:10

(025) Law, Religion & Society
Instructor: Christine Kopec
TU/TH 9:10-11:00

(026) Making Things Right
Instructor: Larry Jorgensen
M/W/F 9:05a-10:00
TU 7:00p-8:00

(027) Pixelated
Instructor: Deb Hall
TU/TH 3:40-5:00
TH 5:00-6:00

(028) Reading Minds
Instructor: Rebecca Johnson
W/F 10:10-11:30
M 5:30-6:30

(029) Robot Design
Instructor: Mike Eckmann
TU/TH 2:10-3:30
M 12:20-1:15

(031) Social Justice
Instructor: Virginia Murphy-Berman
TU/TH 12:40-2:00
TU 5:00-6:00

(032) Human Dilemmas
Instructor: Pat Hilleren
TU/TH 8:10-9:30
M 1:25-2:20

(033) Thirteen Ways
Instructor: Paul Sattler
TU/TH 5:30-7:20

(034) The Federal Reserve
More Money, More Problems
Instructor: Ngina Chiteji
TU/TH 6:30-7:50
TH 5:00 - 6:00

(035) Unexpected Math
Instructor: Gove Effinger
W/F 12:20-1:40
M 12:20-1:15

(036) Virtual Republic
Instructor: Ron Seyb
M/W/F 10:10a-11:05
W 7:00p-8:00

(038) World in a Town
Instructor: Aiwu Zhao
TU/TH 9:40-11:00
W 5:30-6:30

(039) Writing America
Instructor: Linda Hall
TU/TH 2:10-3:30
TU 6:00p-7:00

(040) Life in the North Woods
Instructor: Jennifer Bonner
W/F 12:20-1:40
W 1:50-2:45

(041) Forensic Sci & Criminal Jusice
Instructor: Kim Frederick
M/W/F 9:05-10:00
W 3:00-4:00

(042) What is Noir?
Instructor: April Bernard
W 6:30p-9:30
TH 5:30p-6:30

(043) Media & American Identity
Instructor: Joanne Devine
W/F 8:40a-10:00
TU 6:30p-7:30

(044) Can Lit Save Environ
Instructor: Michael Marx
TU/TH 12:40-2:00
M 12:20-1:15

(045) Heretics & Visionaries
Instructor: Eric Morser
M/W/F 11:15-12:10
M 6:30-7:25