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Scribner SeminarProgram
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Life in the North Woods

Instructor(s): Joshua Ness (F07) & Jennifer Bonner (F11 & F14), Biology

How do we balance the protection and use of rare forest areas, such as the one located right on Skidmore's campus ? The North Woods is more than 500 acres of “natural capital” owned by the College. It is a focus of study by historians and natural scientists, a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, a spiritual inspiration, home to an astonishing array of non-human life and, to say the least, a very attractive piece of real estate at the intersection of Skidmore and Saratoga. In this seminar, we will use a combination of discussions, hikes, experiments and “fact-finding missions” to explore how life in the North Woods bears the “signatures” of human history, and how diverse groups perceive the North Woods and their role in it. In short, we will pursue solutions to the challenges (and opportunities) posed by this “natural capital".

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